2024: The Gift of a Brand New Year

The Dawning Of A New Year

2024 is delivering a bounty of boxed gift sets.   Yes, that’s 12 months, 52 weeks, 7 days per week, with 24 hours per day.  That’s a total value of 366 gifts.  A treasure of opportunities not to be squandered.

So – what will you do with each hour of each day, within each week, and each month?  You can invest the time, energy & focus so it compounds into a priority focus mindset leading to a successful year.  Or, just haphazardly spend & let it slip away.  

To use those gifts working to impact & influence all that is within your control is a choice.  It’s a decision to calibrate your focus for the shift into working on what matters leading to what you define as success.  To make this a successful year begins when your focus on your priorities and undertake what you can with those gifts of time.  To pursue and progress in achieving meaningful goals creates a cascade of valuable change.  The biggest positive change with the highest ROI is the one that takes place within you, and the evolution of who you become.

That – is a gift beyond measure. 

FALL Into An Empowered Mindset

FALL Into An Empowered Mindset

Let’s launch the arrival of this new season by turning the page to a more empowered mindset!

Decide on all you want to achieve for a stellar year’s end!



Pause, Assess & Measure Progress 

“We all want progress, but if you’re on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.”  C. S. LEWIS

To begin a new year with setting priority goals is important. Creating a structure to review & assess at various points throughout the year can prove even more crucial. 

We’re just past the mid-year point of 2023.  Good time to pause & assess.  What have you given up on already or find yourself fiercely sticking to without evident merit? Pause & mentally dust yourself off to rethink your strategy or process.  What aspects need to change to head toward a better path? 

“If you correct your mind, the rest of your life will fall into place.”  Lao Tzu

It all begins within our mindset; reflecting, correcting & perhaps shifting what felt solid at the start of the year.  Expectations for the goals set, the direction to get there, & the timeline for achievement.   

To be able to reflect on what’s been achieved thus far, progress made, helps to determine what’s working & what isn’t.  Will the current direction prove effective? OR is now a good point in time to recalibrate? Time to enlist the help of an objective trusted friend, colleague or professional for input & coaching to chart the best path forward.  What variable would have the greatest impact for progression to make the most with the remainder of this year. 

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Priorities: A Solid Foundation For What Matters

“Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least.” Johann Goethe

When you identify & determine your priorities you stand on a rock solid foundation.  That foundation gives power to your decisions & better follow through to sustain your attention & focus on those identified priorities to achieve the success goals that matter most to you.  That’s a priority focused mindset!


Is your focus aimed on your priorities or are they taking a back seat to all the miscellaneous competing alternatives?

August Launch Into A Smooth Week

Awesome August to all this 1st Friday of the month!
Today is a great day to put in place a strategy to make this a stellar month. Start out by deciding on a few things you can do today to prep & launch into a smooth next week?
Some ideas to consider:
1. Review your top initiatives for the month.
2. Identify priorities & sequence of steps supporting those initiatives.
3. Schedule them into your calendar as no miss appointments to work on them.
What can you add to  your success routine for setting a productivity flow.
#Mindset #Wisdom

Daily Bright Spots

To find our daily bright spots we need to consciously look for them.  To shine a light on life’s bright spots energizes us & lifts our spirits for a bit of reprieve from some of the rough weeks we’ve all experienced.  Holding on to the wonders of this world not only get us through but helps us cherish the small delights.  Connecting to those simple bright spots eases the way when emotions are raw & life feels harsh beyond measure on so many levels.


Personally, on these summer days – I begin with a soothing cup of coffee as I immerse in a multitude of green shades accompanied by a chirping symphony from a flight of feathered friends.  To greet the sunrise each day affirms & helps us acknowledge that life, along with nature is filled with awesome splendors we can find solace & joy.  To identify & name life’s bright spots – we can then hold & use them to ground us,  even when our personal or collective world axes feel out of whack.


It’s YourLife – Take Charge Of It!

It’s #YourLife #TakeCharge! Powerful & so crucial to remember – yet easy to forget. Especially when initiating work on a major goal or project, while facing the overwhelm of consistent challenges. Keep your focus on the mission – the why of your goal to feel grounded & more in charge.

What is one step you can take NOW to begin building a better mindset?


“Out of the Mountain of Despair, a Stone of HOPE.” MLK ~ “I Have a Dream” 1963

“I have a dream…” Martin Luther King Jr turned vision & dream into a goal, turning personal resolve into a collective revolution.  Hi vision & dream continues to bring change beyond what the status quo was in our country.  He demonstrated patience with the understanding that big changes seldom happen overnight.  His enduring legacy empowers & motivate us to keep striving & working on what matters personally and globally.  As we pay tribute to his lifetime of dedication & what he started  – we also recognize that much yet remains in need of change.

Taking that inspiration to a personal level, our own dream begins with a vision. When a dream is formulated into a goal it can progress in real life, with metrics and benchmark targets to keep us moving forward, orienting us in the right direction toward that vision.

        ‘Soaring from vision into reality’

Goals are powerful motivators when founded on the power of our values, deep convictions, and desires.  Our activities become choices that transform us, the way we live and impact the communities that shape our world and beyond.

Life goals help us improve specific aspects about ourselves, as well as specific areas in our personal and/or professional life. The pursuit of our goals helps us score internal points, building confidence and self-trust.  Goals are about following through on objectives, tasks and the specifics we identified that need to be done to bridge the gap from where we stand in the present, to a future where our aspirations materialize.

Effective goals keep us stretching and reaching towards the vision of not only what we seek, but more importantly the why we want our life to move in a particular direction. We each have a dream waiting to be fulfilled and when put into action that cherished dream can be the catalyst for the change we seek.  To invest our creative energy, and resources, fueled with passion and the tenacity of deep commitment, in pursuit of our dreams for meaningful success.  That collectively creates a cascade of positive change not only in our world, but in the world at large.

Have you identified what and why you are committed to achieving daily, each month, every quarter, and the remainder of this year? To develop and set goals with strategies & a process to implement them infuses vitality in your daily routine for momentum launching this brand new year and seeing it through to culmination of unparalleled achievement.

To your success in everything meaningful that matters most!

The Benefits Of Developing A Priority Focused Mindset

“Ultimately, each person chooses whether he comes out of the tumbler crushed or polished.” Elizabeth Kübler-Ross

We all find ourselves in overwhelm or the paralysis of feeling stuck at some point. The saving lifeline is in having clarity with focus on our priorities.  Determining what is most important is foundational.  A priority focused mindset anchors that & becomes as a ballast to what matters most to us!  A priority focused mindset help in homing in on the important goals & the strategic steps to propel us forward beyond overwhelm or paralysis. Having meaningful goals generates intrinsic motivation.  Priority goals require the support of solid plans & structures helping to sustain our focus.  Making the important central in our schedules help us honor the decisions made to achieve them, anchoring our commitments, guiding us beyond the demands, whirlwind and overwhelm from everything else going on in life.

Success in life, whether abundant or lacking, tends to correlate with the consistency of of our choices and decisions. The ones many we make, the ones we avoid, and the ones we are ignorant about. Life is indeed full of them. Our personal and professional growth & success balances on our grasp of our identified priorities & the level of confidence we have regarding how and where we habitually choose to focus our attention with the actions we take.

A priority focused mindset serves as a compass for executing on these priority goals.  It is a guiding system & an inherent process for transcending obstacles, challenges, and circumstances.  It provides a forward focus for planning, anticipating, perceiving & responding differently when the disruptions of change or the unexpected happen.  That mindset is shaped with internal motivation, to keep progressing towards the goals that matter most for progressive growth into our realm of power and confidence to succeed.  Especially when the inevitable challenges, obstacles or adversity materialize.

The journey towards our best self is in how we manage the challenges & obstacles.  We actualize our potential through experience, using all our skills, talents, and capabilities to keep stretching into our progressive best.  A priority focused mindset is formed with continual and deep engagement with the belief in our vision & our potential best self to regularly propel us through the short & long distance, focused forward towards what matters most.

“Success has always been easy to measure. It is the distance between one’s origins and one’s final achievement…”           Michael Korda


Spring Forward Towards Your Priority Goals

“You are successful the moment you start moving towards a worthwhile goal.” Charles Carlson

Spring is the season of new beginnings and growth, and one we look forward to.  If you are still looking for a reason to begin implementing on meaningful and profoundly important goals – then this season is an opportune time.  Those are the goals that will significantly improve quality of life.   That first step tends to be the hardest,  but the alternative of not taking the first step and delaying, means remaining in the same place.  To find comfort in the discomfort of being stuck.  A rocket ship launch takes tremendous effort and energy, but it also generates the momentum for the journey.  While, none of us are launching rocket ships, we can take charge and begin to take that first action step, however small, to create our own momentum.

To begin is to propel ourselves beyond any self-imposed limitations.  If we don’t, then the barriers that life and the world inevitably imposes on us – will mount and feel exponentially  insurmountable.

Imagine achieving your important, meaningful goals.  Can you clearly envision and articulate your priority goals?  The goals that will create a positive impact not only in your life, but will make a difference for others in the process.  Those are the goals that matter enough to overcome the inertia of the status quo & begin taking the first of any steps needed to achieve them.

Take a page from nature’s playbook this season, and moving forward towards your worthwhile goals.

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Mighty Mindset: 3 Step Plan


“A priority focused mindset is the operational software of a powerful engine driving goal achievement with strategic actions, aligned & aimed at desired target results.” Didi L. Barbour

Haven’t planned for this day, this week, or month yet? It’s not too late – take 10 – better yet 20 minutes to think and schedule in a couple of game changing initiatives that will created impact in narrowing the gap between where you are, how you plan your work & where you want to take you life.  Yes, that would be in addition to the long ‘to-do’ list of the routine activities, you know the stuff that has to get done to maintain your work and life.  Beginning each day of each week knowing exactly what needs your attention most will deliver the best results.

Did you know that your mindset behaves like a target seeking operational system in need of objectives and direction? If you don’t give focused it targets to aim at,  with clear priority goals for orientation, it will operate on the default setting of the past & a stagnant status quo.

Planning for the week, the upcoming month or quarter shifts your mindset when provided with direction & focus.  It becomes more receptive as it perceives & seizes opportunities as they show up. Opportunities that may prove pivotal in achieving what matters. Opportunities that will go unrecognized without target goals and a plan for executing on the mind’s radar detection system.  Try this very simple plan to better orient you.

➢First, define what matters most to set your priority goals. Top two or three goals that would make a quality difference when you begin work on them this week, & when sustained, will compound over time.

➢Next, arm yourself with a plan to align your focus, time and energy,  placing priorities central in  your schedule.  Designate time blocks to work on specific action steps each day for progress towards those goals.  Making priorities central in our schedules, transforms our routines into more meaningful pursuits.

➢Finally, if you’re aware of your priorities, yet you keep placing them on the back-burner,  it may be a sign that you need to enlist for support to more effectively structure & incorporate the element to achieve them.

Planning is crucial for creating a mindset shift,  A foundational shift with set-points for consistent attention for focus on execution progressing toward desired results.

A success calibrated compass for taking charge of what matters.

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New Year Launch In February


February feels like a less of a pressure month than January to review & renew our aspirations and goals for the year. Endings and beginnings require pause to reflect on the past and to project forward to a desired future.

Regardless of what this past year has been like or what it failed to deliver, it’s helpful to keep in mind that we all have our share of self-doubt, & temporary setbacks.   There are times when the obligations of everyday life can feel like a succession of detours and roadblocks to our desired success. Yet, we persist and persevere, slowing down perhaps, but continue striving toward our vision of achieving our priority goals!

Anytime is the perfect time to look back to assess & calibrate personal and professional elements that need changing. With increased awareness, we can identify habits, activities, circumstances, distractions, as well as the people who hijack our attention, and drain our energy. Awareness helps us to better plan and chart our course moving forward.  A plan to better manage, change, totally eliminate, or at least minimize those aspects that may subvert our potential to succeed.  Decluttering our emotional & mental fields, frees up our finite energy, focus and commitment for aiming it on what matters most.

As we project forward into 2022 – it’s also crucial to identify what has worked well & determine how can we replicate, and do more of that to expand on the successes we experienced thus far.   Having taken inventory we can more readily plan, prepare & implement strategies for finalizing or launching initiatives, projects and undertakings for progress towards priority goals.

Endings offer opportunities for glancing back to review & assess so we can better position for new beginnings with forward focus towards progress & growth on our priority goals!


Your Life Compass | Success Calibration System™



Everyone Needs An Oasis…

“Everyone needs an oasis of solitude & silence…a daily period of being present to our deepest self…” Thomas Keating

No matter the roles you play on the world stage, you need regular connection to an internal sanctuary of well being with touchstones to carry that peace found within throughout the day.

Taking time to deepen your experience with your higher self generates signpost reminders that you are a multidimensional person, with many levels of hopes, aspirations, & needs. This oasis is a much needed plug-in destination for grounding to our world within, so we can better function in the outer world. This time is much like tending to our beloved wireless devices that require connection to recharge & function as intended.

For me, early morning is my sanctuary & oasis. Coffee cup in hand, I step outside to greet the day, immersing in the awe of a sunrise, and to appreciate whatever is out there. The peace & insights arising during this special time generates abundant positive energy helping me be more at my best, especially as stress & challenges inevitably surface in the course of the day.

Indeed! The more hectic & stressful your life becomes, the more important it is to create a daily routine to immerse yourself in an oasis of solace and solitude. Think of it as an insurance policy – more a necessity than a luxury, protecting your well being from the day-to-day barrage of challenges & stress.

Priority Focused Mindset Benefits

I continue doing research on how we can better focus on what matters most to us in life. What surfaced is a parallel analogy to better aim our attention like the functions of a camera lens zooming in on the specifics we want to capture. Similarly, a priority focused mindset homes in from an angle to more selectively perceive, view & sustain attention on the important & what we really care about while cropping out the superfluous clutter.

If pays to heighten our awareness as to where we regularly aim our focus and energies.  Knowing what is important sharpens our focus on what matters most: the people who count, the goals that make a difference & the crucial things first!

Determining our priorities allows for better self-knowledge – which provides a clearer lens for putting first things first.   That Wisdom is succinctly stated by Von Goethe – that

Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.”

With small pivots, we can redirect what we pay attention to & aim our valuable resource of focus to shoot for the best & all that really matters.



Make End of Year Time Count

As this year winds down, most of us are experiencing either a sense of pride at the progress and success achieved or pangs of remorse or frustration for falling short from our set goals.  At this point you can decide to write off the year or choose to spend remaining time more productively.  I plan on pushing a bit harder each day for a stronger close by making the most of every remain moment, as well as laying the groundwork for 2019.

I like to approach year’s end by taking time to solidifying a better foundation for next year,  looking back to review and assess, all the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly.  Next, focusing on the positives I want to replicate and do of, dedicating more time to focus on priorities specific to personal, professional & community contribution areas.  This is followed by looking at the ‘bad’ and the ‘ugly’, for the particulars that set Murphy’s Law into motion.  Putting the spotlight on where important components, projects or goals got derailed, can help in planning future improvements to anticipate ways to better mitigate, as well as avoid repeating those ineffective scenarios.  Determining cause that sabotages success, typically tend to point to lack of planning, preparation or follow through – or combination factors.   December is a perfect time to reflect on what worked well and what proved to be less than stellar, and to create more suitable strategies for implementing each future success goal.

Motivate yourself for invest some time to evaluate and apply insights from this year’s achievements as well as missed benchmarks.  The process involves some key questions to clarify areas for improving success this upcoming year.

How can you leverage end of year time to position for a stronger finish this year?

What key priorities would be foundational in making a marked difference in next year’s success – personally and professionally?

How do those priorities shape your vision for next year? Get as specific as possible.

How would a successful year support your longer term vision?

What lessons do you need to apply going forward?

What are the consequences if you continue with the status quo approach?

How would using a priority based framework create improvements in the year ahead?  What would that look like? Get as specific as possible – again.

It all comes down to clearly identifying top priorities to better allocate key resources of time, energy, and focus to support what is most important. Dedicate time now for assessing, planning and preparation will facilitate execution for fulfilling your vision in achieving top goals for success.

Now is the perfect time to review this year to better plan, prepare and strategize for the launch of 2019 as the best year yet!

“You can mark time or invest time making it count where it counts most.” dlb