“Out of the Mountain of Despair, a Stone of HOPE.” MLK ~ “I Have a Dream” 1963

“I have a dream…” Martin Luther King Jr turned vision & dream into a goal, turning personal resolve into a collective revolution.  Hi vision & dream continues to bring change beyond what the status quo was in our country.  He demonstrated patience with the understanding that big changes seldom happen overnight.  His enduring legacy empowers & motivate us to keep striving & working on what matters personally and globally.  As we pay tribute to his lifetime of dedication & what he started  – we also recognize that much yet remains in need of change.

Taking that inspiration to a personal level, our own dream begins with a vision. When a dream is formulated into a goal it can progress in real life, with metrics and benchmark targets to keep us moving forward, orienting us in the right direction toward that vision.

        ‘Soaring from vision into reality’

Goals are powerful motivators when founded on the power of our values, deep convictions, and desires.  Our activities become choices that transform us, the way we live and impact the communities that shape our world and beyond.

Life goals help us improve specific aspects about ourselves, as well as specific areas in our personal and/or professional life. The pursuit of our goals helps us score internal points, building confidence and self-trust.  Goals are about following through on objectives, tasks and the specifics we identified that need to be done to bridge the gap from where we stand in the present, to a future where our aspirations materialize.

Effective goals keep us stretching and reaching towards the vision of not only what we seek, but more importantly the why we want our life to move in a particular direction. We each have a dream waiting to be fulfilled and when put into action that cherished dream can be the catalyst for the change we seek.  To invest our creative energy, and resources, fueled with passion and the tenacity of deep commitment, in pursuit of our dreams for meaningful success.  That collectively creates a cascade of positive change not only in our world, but in the world at large.

Have you identified what and why you are committed to achieving daily, each month, every quarter, and the remainder of this year? To develop and set goals with strategies & a process to implement them infuses vitality in your daily routine for momentum launching this brand new year and seeing it through to culmination of unparalleled achievement.

To your success in everything meaningful that matters most!