The Benefits Of Developing A Priority Focused Mindset

“Ultimately, each person chooses whether he comes out of the tumbler crushed or polished.” Elizabeth Kübler-Ross

We all find ourselves in overwhelm or the paralysis of feeling stuck at some point. The saving lifeline is in having clarity with focus on our priorities.  Determining what is most important is foundational.  A priority focused mindset anchors that & becomes as a ballast to what matters most to us!  A priority focused mindset help in homing in on the important goals & the strategic steps to propel us forward beyond overwhelm or paralysis. Having meaningful goals generates intrinsic motivation.  Priority goals require the support of solid plans & structures helping to sustain our focus.  Making the important central in our schedules help us honor the decisions made to achieve them, anchoring our commitments, guiding us beyond the demands, whirlwind and overwhelm from everything else going on in life.

Success in life, whether abundant or lacking, tends to correlate with the consistency of of our choices and decisions. The ones many we make, the ones we avoid, and the ones we are ignorant about. Life is indeed full of them. Our personal and professional growth & success balances on our grasp of our identified priorities & the level of confidence we have regarding how and where we habitually choose to focus our attention with the actions we take.

A priority focused mindset serves as a compass for executing on these priority goals.  It is a guiding system & an inherent process for transcending obstacles, challenges, and circumstances.  It provides a forward focus for planning, anticipating, perceiving & responding differently when the disruptions of change or the unexpected happen.  That mindset is shaped with internal motivation, to keep progressing towards the goals that matter most for progressive growth into our realm of power and confidence to succeed.  Especially when the inevitable challenges, obstacles or adversity materialize.

The journey towards our best self is in how we manage the challenges & obstacles.  We actualize our potential through experience, using all our skills, talents, and capabilities to keep stretching into our progressive best.  A priority focused mindset is formed with continual and deep engagement with the belief in our vision & our potential best self to regularly propel us through the short & long distance, focused forward towards what matters most.

“Success has always been easy to measure. It is the distance between one’s origins and one’s final achievement…”           Michael Korda