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Q: How can YOUR LIFE COMPASS coaching help me?

A: People’s needs for coaching vary – clients hire us when needing more than the typical coaching support & accountability offers.  When it’s crucial to implement change of process, systems or mindset – to improve one or more areas of their personal or professional life – or within their organization.

We specialize in getting client unstuck from the overwhelm of the routine, where life keeps them too busy with the daily demands and obligations to focus & work on what is most important to them – their priorities. Our specialty is helping clients overcome life challenges, actualize long held dreams, take command of their life & business as they achieve their desired level of success.  They want to improve their well-being & experience more life satisfaction.

We get hired to work with them in areas of life that matters most & with goals that have been difficult to reach on their own.  Top goals may include:

  • A life changing career move
  • Launching innovative projects into fruition
  • Starting or expanding growth of a business
  • Developing key personal & professional relationships
  • Improving health, lifestyle and general well-being

Q: How exactly does the your coach/client relationship work?

A:  We hold the coach/client relationship as a sacred & totally confidential commitment.  We place complete focus on what the client wants to change, improve or achieve.  By implementing our customized Success Calibration™ strategies – the client learns to mitigate obstacles of fear & concerns, to overcome the challenges & limitations of their circumstances.   The Success Calibration is a systematic process driving the client to their desired personal and professional growth and development.  As the client becomes more confident the strive to the next level of milestone goals.  Your Life Compass Success Calibration™coaching is the progressive process of skill building, training, tools, strategically guiding clients towards continual growth & development for a wide range of success.

Q: How does YLC coaching differ from other coaching?

A:  Your Life Compass’ Success Calibration System™  is geared for building a mindset focused on priorities. Our work with clients goes beyond merely addressing problematic symptoms to work towards resolution of the root issues & circumstances.  Our process helps clients shift into a priority focused mindset with a propensity to succeed.  A mindset for mobilizing internal & external resources to achieve identified priority goals.  Our sessions are issue and  target specific, arming clients with confidence & structures for sustained motivation & focus.

Q: Can coaching help me with my confidence and motivation levels?

A:  Regardless of our success level in life, there are areas where we can improve our sense of confidence.  Our coaching framework orients clients towards deep, focused work on the key life or business issues.  Our Success Calibration System  helps clients develop awareness of their current mindset – shedding light on limiting or sabotaging beliefs, patterns and habits.  Clients gain new habits boosting self-worth and confidence for growth, development and achievement in priority areas.  Our work with clients provides the shift to take ownership & command of their life.

Q: What are the overall benefits of working with Your Life Compass coaching?

A: The benefits are numerous.  The top value is in having a professionally trained, objective partner to help improve your mindset.  You will be better able to perceive more options & leverage more opportunities.  In addition you will be more effective in managing problems, issues and concerns as they arise.   You will acquire a skillset to:

  • Improve relationships with friends, colleagues and family members.
  • Manage & allocate time, energy and resources for priorities.
  • Develop healthy work/life balance and perspective.
  • Increase self-awareness.
  • Experience a more positive self-concept.
  • Improve overall satisfaction and quality of life.