Priority Focused Mindset Benefits

I continue doing research on how we can better focus on what matters most to us in life. What surfaced is a parallel analogy to better aim our attention like the functions of a camera lens zooming in on the specifics we want to capture. Similarly, a priority focused mindset homes in from an angle to more selectively perceive, view & sustain attention on the important & what we really care about while cropping out the superfluous clutter.

If pays to heighten our awareness as to where we regularly aim our focus and energies.  Knowing what is important sharpens our focus on what matters most: the people who count, the goals that make a difference & the crucial things first!

Determining our priorities allows for better self-knowledge – which provides a clearer lens for putting first things first.   That Wisdom is succinctly stated by Von Goethe – that

Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.”

With small pivots, we can redirect what we pay attention to & aim our valuable resource of focus to shoot for the best & all that really matters.