Make End of Year Time Count

As this year winds down, most of us are experiencing either a sense of pride at the progress and success achieved or pangs of remorse or frustration for falling short from our set goals.  At this point you can decide to write off the year or choose to spend remaining time more productively.  I plan on pushing a bit harder each day for a stronger close by making the most of every remain moment, as well as laying the groundwork for 2019.

I like to approach year’s end by taking time to solidifying a better foundation for next year,  looking back to review and assess, all the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly.  Next, focusing on the positives I want to replicate and do of, dedicating more time to focus on priorities specific to personal, professional & community contribution areas.  This is followed by looking at the ‘bad’ and the ‘ugly’, for the particulars that set Murphy’s Law into motion.  Putting the spotlight on where important components, projects or goals got derailed, can help in planning future improvements to anticipate ways to better mitigate, as well as avoid repeating those ineffective scenarios.  Determining cause that sabotages success, typically tend to point to lack of planning, preparation or follow through – or combination factors.   December is a perfect time to reflect on what worked well and what proved to be less than stellar, and to create more suitable strategies for implementing each future success goal.

Motivate yourself for invest some time to evaluate and apply insights from this year’s achievements as well as missed benchmarks.  The process involves some key questions to clarify areas for improving success this upcoming year.

How can you leverage end of year time to position for a stronger finish this year?

What key priorities would be foundational in making a marked difference in next year’s success – personally and professionally?

How do those priorities shape your vision for next year? Get as specific as possible.

How would a successful year support your longer term vision?

What lessons do you need to apply going forward?

What are the consequences if you continue with the status quo approach?

How would using a priority based framework create improvements in the year ahead?  What would that look like? Get as specific as possible – again.

It all comes down to clearly identifying top priorities to better allocate key resources of time, energy, and focus to support what is most important. Dedicate time now for assessing, planning and preparation will facilitate execution for fulfilling your vision in achieving top goals for success.

Now is the perfect time to review this year to better plan, prepare and strategize for the launch of 2019 as the best year yet!

“You can mark time or invest time making it count where it counts most.” dlb