Rebound Or Let Failure Stop You?


“Feet Don’t Fail Me Now…”

From Confucius, “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall.” , to Nelly’s ‘GO’ lyrics, “…it’s not how you hit the ground, it’s how fast you get back up and go – keep going…”

Whether you’re a top leader, an upper-level manager, or just beginning your career, it’s important to realize that in the pursuit of big goals , no one is immune to setbacks and obstacles.  They will happen along the way and in varying magnitudes. That realization, in the midst of the agony can shine a light in what feels like a long tunnel of darkness. There is comfort knowing that others have gone through similar challenges to find a way beyond them – and to even turn barriers into unexpected breakthroughs.

We always have choice, to either remain down when we falter or as we shake off the dust of our missteps, look up to perhaps find the silver lining in a hidden opportunity. That resolve echoes from the ancient wisdom of Confucius, to the lyrics of R&B/Hip Hop singer, songwriter Nelly. Regardless of the failings, what matters after the fall is how fast you rebound to get back up, go, and keep going.


Personal Declaration Of Independence From What?

July 4th 030_FotorFreedom is an equal opportunity privilege afforded to all, to pursue dreams – of happiness, lifestyle, and success with options, and choices. It is truly is a sad day when we realize that the only person, thing or circumstance holding us back is our own limited self-concept based on the past instead of owning the personal power of our accomplishment of who we have evolved into!

‘Through loyalty to the past, our mind refuses to realize that tomorrow’s joy is possible – only if today makes way for it; that each wave owes the beauty of its line only to the withdrawal of the receding one.” André Gide

We all reach a point in time and life where we’ve earned our Stars and Stripes! Time to celebrate not only the national holiday with gratitude to all who have served and those currently serving our country, but, to acknowledge our own efforts, experiences and contributions to this one life we have.  Time to write, sign, and set off some fireworks declaring our personal Declaration of Independence – from whatever imposes limitation on who we are, to pursue who we want to be, to become everything we are capable of  being! Happy Declaration of Actualizing Our Potential! Happy Fourth of July!

The Critic Within Our Control

RelationshipsThe most damaging of pranks is the unquestioned relationship with the harshest of critics,  in the form of our inner judge, whose attacks are incessant, with confidence-depleting chatter, duping us into believing what it says.  The good new is that changing the dynamic of this abrasive relationship, for a more supportive one is within our control.

The first step is to simply acknowledge and express appreciation to that internal judge’s intention.   The intent is to keep us safe by maintaining the status quo, within a small world full of limitations.  

Step two is to declare change by ‘doing life differently’, effective immediately. Tune-out the deafening noise, and fearful interference.   Challenge each negative by intensifying the positives and benefits of the new way.   Clear thinking allows us to more aptly respond, as new opportunities for change and growth present themselves.

Finally, with practice, the volume of that inner critic, will keep sliding way down to an occasional whisper, rather than the constant, blaring companion it used to be.  Fine-tuning to a better-calibrated frequency, delivers a relationship upgrade, for increased confidence in the rich fullness of life along paths, roads, and highways yet taken.  Happy first of April and everyday, with a relationship upgrade!

The Cruelest of Pranks?

april-fools-dayThe cruelest April Fool’s prank is the one our inner critic dupes up into believing.  To create a new relationship with self and life, simply thank it for attempting to help by keeping you small, and then dismiss it!  Repeat enough times to reduce the inner critic to an occasional annoyance rather than an overshadowing presence.  Then go step into the fullness of all that life has in store for you.  Happy first of April and everyday !