Gauge Your Mindset

‘March’ in to contemplate the operational software of our individual lives.  Our mindset is the composite of components shaping how we live our life.  The state of our mindset forms the a crucial foundation for a meaningful & successful life. Think of it as the life compass with the set points for the direction of our life.  It is also the source that energizes us to seek expanding our knowledge & skill capacity as we determine & pursue our priority goals to fruition. 

The first step is to assess & gauge the operational software that is our mindset.  With awareness & a Success Calibration System process, each of its components is malleable & can be calibrated to better serve us.

How would you rate the state of your mindset?  Is it one focused on effort towards growth & achievement or fixed, with a tight grip on maintaining the status quo?

Shift Into A Strategic Mindset For A Stellar 2024

If you have yet to plan, prepare, & create structure for this new year – now is a perfect time to get your strategic mindset on making this an outstanding year.
January is the ‘fresh start’ time to review & renew our aspirations with top goals for the year.  What are your key goals for the year & what metrics will you use to chart progress?

Yes we all face the daily life whirlwind with obligations demanding attention and at times the challenges of unexpected dramas & circumstances that yank us away from our accomplishment goals.  When achieved, priority goals deliver a  signifiant quality of life difference.

Here are several strategy tips to remain on target:

Plan & structure your schedule with dedicated time blocks for laser focus on top priorities.  Make that time sacrosanct – for working however long is possible on one of the key goals.

Focus on the important & manage the urgent.   Avoid the rabbit holes & shiny objects that unwittingly turn into time & energy deficits.

New beginnings deliver a clean lens to view potential new opportunities for forward focus towards progress & growth on the goals of significance that matter most!

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Perspective: Success, Failure, OR Opportunity?

Today’s setback, roadblock, or failure CAN become tomorrow’s success.

I have NOT failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that don’t work. [yet]” Thomas Edison

Frame the start of each morning as an opportunity to create change, to grow & improve something in your life.

Take that opportunity & decide.  What will your priority focus be today?
So you think you’re not ready?  Then decide WHEN you will be?

We can’t reclaim days that are gone.  But we can choose what we can & will make of today!

Spring Forward Towards Your Priority Goals

“You are successful the moment you start moving towards a worthwhile goal.” Charles Carlson

Spring is the season of new beginnings and growth, and one we look forward to.  If you are still looking for a reason to begin implementing on meaningful and profoundly important goals – then this season is an opportune time.  Those are the goals that will significantly improve quality of life.   That first step tends to be the hardest,  but the alternative of not taking the first step and delaying, means remaining in the same place.  To find comfort in the discomfort of being stuck.  A rocket ship launch takes tremendous effort and energy, but it also generates the momentum for the journey.  While, none of us are launching rocket ships, we can take charge and begin to take that first action step, however small, to create our own momentum.

To begin is to propel ourselves beyond any self-imposed limitations.  If we don’t, then the barriers that life and the world inevitably imposes on us – will mount and feel exponentially  insurmountable.

Imagine achieving your important, meaningful goals.  Can you clearly envision and articulate your priority goals?  The goals that will create a positive impact not only in your life, but will make a difference for others in the process.  Those are the goals that matter enough to overcome the inertia of the status quo & begin taking the first of any steps needed to achieve them.

Take a page from nature’s playbook this season, and moving forward towards your worthwhile goals.

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