Spring Forward Towards Your Priority Goals

“You are successful the moment you start moving towards a worthwhile goal.” Charles Carlson

Spring is the season of new beginnings and growth, and one we look forward to.  If you are still looking for a reason to begin implementing on meaningful and profoundly important goals – then this season is an opportune time.  Those are the goals that will significantly improve quality of life.   That first step tends to be the hardest,  but the alternative of not taking the first step and delaying, means remaining in the same place.  To find comfort in the discomfort of being stuck.  A rocket ship launch takes tremendous effort and energy, but it also generates the momentum for the journey.  While, none of us are launching rocket ships, we can take charge and begin to take that first action step, however small, to create our own momentum.

To begin is to propel ourselves beyond any self-imposed limitations.  If we don’t, then the barriers that life and the world inevitably imposes on us – will mount and feel exponentially  insurmountable.

Imagine achieving your important, meaningful goals.  Can you clearly envision and articulate your priority goals?  The goals that will create a positive impact not only in your life, but will make a difference for others in the process.  Those are the goals that matter enough to overcome the inertia of the status quo & begin taking the first of any steps needed to achieve them.

Take a page from nature’s playbook this season, and moving forward towards your worthwhile goals.

Your Life Compass Coaching | Success Calibration System™

I Have A Dream…

“I have a dream…” Martin Luther King Jr turned vision & dream into a goal, turning resolve into a revolution beyond what the status quo was in our country.  He demonstrated patience with the understanding that big changes are never an overnight achievement.  His enduring legacy empowers & motivate us to keep striving & working on what matters.  As we pay tribute to his lifetime of dedication for what he started  – we also recognize that much yet remains needing to be changed.

Taking that inspiration to a personal level, our own dream begins with a vision. When that dream is formulated into a goal it can progresses in real life, with metrics and benchmark targets to keep us moving forward, orienting us in the right direction toward that vision.

‘Soaring from our vision into real life’

Goals are powerful motivators when they reflect the power of our values, deep convictions, and desires.  Our activities become choices that transform us, the way we live and impact the communities that shape our world and beyond.  Life goals help us improve specific aspects about ourselves, as well as specific areas in our personal and/or professional life. The pursuit of our goals helps us score internal points, building confidence and self-trust.  Goals are about following through on objectives, tasks and the specifics we identified that need to be done to bridge the gap from where we stand in the present, to a future where our aspirations materialize.

Effective goals keep us stretching and reaching towards the vision of not only what we seek, but more importantly the why we want our life to move in a particular direction. We each have a dream waiting to be fulfilled and when put into action that cherished dream can be the catalyst for the change we seek.  To invest our creative energy, and resources, fueled with passion and the tenacity of deep commitment, in pursuit of our dreams for meaningful success.  That collectively creates a cascade of positive change not only in our world, but in the world at large.

Have you identified what and why you are committed to achieve daily, each month, every quarter, and the remainder of this year? To develop and set goals with strategies & a process to implement them infuses vitality in your daily routine for momentum launching this brand new year and seeing it through to culmination of unparalleled achievement and success in everything that matters most!

As always, to your meaningful success!

Taming Your Dragons 101


“If you lack the iron and the fizz to take control of your own life, then the gods will repay your weakness by having a grin or two at your expense. Should you fail to pilot your own ship, don’t be surprised at what inappropriate port you find yourself docked.” Tom Robbins


Ghost, goblins & gremlins, oh my!! It’s that time of year when those creatures surface for some fun to ‘Trick or Treat’. But when they move in to reside as your constant  internal critics – they will adversely affect your mental, emotional and physical domains.  That’s no treat!

Every heroine and hero needs to master taming or slaying some form of monster on the road to achieving her/his goals and quests.

These monsters are shape-shifter, and can show up regularly or at the most inopportune times while taking on different forms to blind-side you. Sometimes they are people near and dear to us, other times, they are the toxic strangers judging us from a place of ignorance, but the most insidious of these is the one residing within.

Imagine yourself breaking free of the defeating, limiting, fear based conversations you’ve been having for years advising you to remain safe by hiding under the proverbial bed, instead to venturing out to think in a bigger way, take worthwhile risks, and meet the challenge of new opportunities.

The taming and eventually slaying of all these dragons by silencing them is a skill to master, and with practice becomes second nature.

First, you need to develop awareness. Knowing the situations and patterns that seem to trigger those toxic conversations is a turbo charged arsenal in your toolbox to combat them. <p\>

Next, acknowledge and thank them for wanting to keep you safe. That really is one of their functions, otherwise they may actually be the internalized saboteur echoes from the past tightening their grip as you attempt to change the status quo.

Finally, be vigilant and keep practicing to raise your awareness, and ready response (rehearse the conversations you’ll have) to address them without giving them any power. The more you do this, the better you will get at loosening the grip allowing you to live more fully without the shadows of manipulation from ghosts of old, scaly dragons and distracting gremlins.

Determine where & to whom you are giving up your power & what you need to do to step into it to claim it.  To presence your own power, is to claim or reclaim it as you strip any saboteurs of theirs over you!

Your Siren Call: To Heed or Silence It?

Wake Behind the Boat“Within each of us are heights yet to be scaled, goals to be achieved – beyond our fears, beyond the status quo.” Didi L. Barbour

Why allow the Explorer & Seeker within to lure you into uncharted territories?  Because to venture beyond the routine, is to delight and flourish with new pleasures, discoveries, and experiences in new worlds that beckon! It’s been advised that on our deathbed, the top regrets will not be for failing while stretching our boundaries, the biggest laments will be for what we failed to attempt.

Where will Your Life Compass take you?  If you dare let it, it will lead to the discovery of your True North.

Personal Declaration Of Independence From What?

July 4th 030_FotorFreedom is an equal opportunity privilege afforded to all, to pursue dreams – of happiness, lifestyle, and success with options, and choices. It is truly is a sad day when we realize that the only person, thing or circumstance holding us back is our own limited self-concept based on the past instead of owning the personal power of our accomplishment of who we have evolved into!

‘Through loyalty to the past, our mind refuses to realize that tomorrow’s joy is possible – only if today makes way for it; that each wave owes the beauty of its line only to the withdrawal of the receding one.” André Gide

We all reach a point in time and life where we’ve earned our Stars and Stripes! Time to celebrate not only the national holiday with gratitude to all who have served and those currently serving our country, but, to acknowledge our own efforts, experiences and contributions to this one life we have.  Time to write, sign, and set off some fireworks declaring our personal Declaration of Independence – from whatever imposes limitation on who we are, to pursue who we want to be, to become everything we are capable of  being! Happy Declaration of Actualizing Our Potential! Happy Fourth of July!

The Critic Within Our Control

RelationshipsThe most damaging of pranks is the unquestioned relationship with the harshest of critics,  in the form of our inner judge, whose attacks are incessant, with confidence-depleting chatter, duping us into believing what it says.  The good new is that changing the dynamic of this abrasive relationship, for a more supportive one is within our control.

The first step is to simply acknowledge and express appreciation to that internal judge’s intention.   The intent is to keep us safe by maintaining the status quo, within a small world full of limitations.  

Step two is to declare change by ‘doing life differently’, effective immediately. Tune-out the deafening noise, and fearful interference.   Challenge each negative by intensifying the positives and benefits of the new way.   Clear thinking allows us to more aptly respond, as new opportunities for change and growth present themselves.

Finally, with practice, the volume of that inner critic, will keep sliding way down to an occasional whisper, rather than the constant, blaring companion it used to be.  Fine-tuning to a better-calibrated frequency, delivers a relationship upgrade, for increased confidence in the rich fullness of life along paths, roads, and highways yet taken.  Happy first of April and everyday, with a relationship upgrade!