Daily Bright Spots

To find our daily bright spots we need to consciously look for them.  To shine a light on life’s bright spots energizes us & lifts our spirits for a bit of reprieve from some of the rough weeks we’ve all experienced.  Holding on to the wonders of this world not only get us through but helps us cherish the small delights.  Connecting to those simple bright spots eases the way when emotions are raw & life feels harsh beyond measure on so many levels.


Personally, on these summer days – I begin with a soothing cup of coffee as I immerse in a multitude of green shades accompanied by a chirping symphony from a flight of feathered friends.  To greet the sunrise each day affirms & helps us acknowledge that life, along with nature is filled with awesome splendors we can find solace & joy.  To identify & name life’s bright spots – we can then hold & use them to ground us,  even when our personal or collective world axes feel out of whack.