Mighty Mindset: 3 Step Plan


“A priority focused mindset is the operational software of a powerful engine driving goal achievement with strategic actions, aligned & aimed at desired target results.” Didi L. Barbour

Haven’t planned for this day, this week, or month yet? It’s not too late – take 10 – better yet 20 minutes to think and schedule in a couple of game changing initiatives that will created impact in narrowing the gap between where you are, how you plan your work & where you want to take you life.  Yes, that would be in addition to the long ‘to-do’ list of the routine activities, you know the stuff that has to get done to maintain your work and life.  Beginning each day of each week knowing exactly what needs your attention most will deliver the best results.

Did you know that your mindset behaves like a target seeking operational system in need of objectives and direction? If you don’t give focused it targets to aim at,  with clear priority goals for orientation, it will operate on the default setting of the past & a stagnant status quo.

Planning for the week, the upcoming month or quarter shifts your mindset when provided with direction & focus.  It becomes more receptive as it perceives & seizes opportunities as they show up. Opportunities that may prove pivotal in achieving what matters. Opportunities that will go unrecognized without target goals and a plan for executing on the mind’s radar detection system.  Try this very simple plan to better orient you.

➢First, define what matters most to set your priority goals. Top two or three goals that would make a quality difference when you begin work on them this week, & when sustained, will compound over time.

➢Next, arm yourself with a plan to align your focus, time and energy,  placing priorities central in  your schedule.  Designate time blocks to work on specific action steps each day for progress towards those goals.  Making priorities central in our schedules, transforms our routines into more meaningful pursuits.

➢Finally, if you’re aware of your priorities, yet you keep placing them on the back-burner,  it may be a sign that you need to enlist for support to more effectively structure & incorporate the element to achieve them.

Planning is crucial for creating a mindset shift,  A foundational shift with set-points for consistent attention for focus on execution progressing toward desired results.

A success calibrated compass for taking charge of what matters.

Your Life Compass ~ Success Calibration System™ – Coaching | Training | Consulting


New Year Launch In February


February feels like a less of a pressure month than January to review & renew our aspirations and goals for the year. Endings and beginnings require pause to reflect on the past and to project forward to a desired future.

Regardless of what this past year has been like or what it failed to deliver, it’s helpful to keep in mind that we all have our share of self-doubt, & temporary setbacks.   There are times when the obligations of everyday life can feel like a succession of detours and roadblocks to our desired success. Yet, we persist and persevere, slowing down perhaps, but continue striving toward our vision of achieving our priority goals!

Anytime is the perfect time to look back to assess & calibrate personal and professional elements that need changing. With increased awareness, we can identify habits, activities, circumstances, distractions, as well as the people who hijack our attention, and drain our energy. Awareness helps us to better plan and chart our course moving forward.  A plan to better manage, change, totally eliminate, or at least minimize those aspects that may subvert our potential to succeed.  Decluttering our emotional & mental fields, frees up our finite energy, focus and commitment for aiming it on what matters most.

As we project forward into 2022 – it’s also crucial to identify what has worked well & determine how can we replicate, and do more of that to expand on the successes we experienced thus far.   Having taken inventory we can more readily plan, prepare & implement strategies for finalizing or launching initiatives, projects and undertakings for progress towards priority goals.

Endings offer opportunities for glancing back to review & assess so we can better position for new beginnings with forward focus towards progress & growth on our priority goals!


Your Life Compass | Success Calibration System™



Taming Your Dragons 101


“If you lack the iron and the fizz to take control of your own life, then the gods will repay your weakness by having a grin or two at your expense. Should you fail to pilot your own ship, don’t be surprised at what inappropriate port you find yourself docked.” Tom Robbins


Ghost, goblins & gremlins, oh my!! It’s that time of year when those creatures surface for some fun to ‘Trick or Treat’. But when they move in to reside as your constant  internal critics – they will adversely affect your mental, emotional and physical domains.  That’s no treat!

Every heroine and hero needs to master taming or slaying some form of monster on the road to achieving her/his goals and quests.

These monsters are shape-shifter, and can show up regularly or at the most inopportune times while taking on different forms to blind-side you. Sometimes they are people near and dear to us, other times, they are the toxic strangers judging us from a place of ignorance, but the most insidious of these is the one residing within.

Imagine yourself breaking free of the defeating, limiting, fear based conversations you’ve been having for years advising you to remain safe by hiding under the proverbial bed, instead to venturing out to think in a bigger way, take worthwhile risks, and meet the challenge of new opportunities.

The taming and eventually slaying of all these dragons by silencing them is a skill to master, and with practice becomes second nature.

First, you need to develop awareness. Knowing the situations and patterns that seem to trigger those toxic conversations is a turbo charged arsenal in your toolbox to combat them. <p\>

Next, acknowledge and thank them for wanting to keep you safe. That really is one of their functions, otherwise they may actually be the internalized saboteur echoes from the past tightening their grip as you attempt to change the status quo.

Finally, be vigilant and keep practicing to raise your awareness, and ready response (rehearse the conversations you’ll have) to address them without giving them any power. The more you do this, the better you will get at loosening the grip allowing you to live more fully without the shadows of manipulation from ghosts of old, scaly dragons and distracting gremlins.

Determine where & to whom you are giving up your power & what you need to do to step into it to claim it.  To presence your own power, is to claim or reclaim it as you strip any saboteurs of theirs over you!

Everyone Needs An Oasis…

“Everyone needs an oasis of solitude & silence…a daily period of being present to our deepest self…” Thomas Keating

No matter the roles you play on the world stage, you need regular connection to an internal sanctuary of well being with touchstones to carry that peace found within throughout the day.

Taking time to deepen your experience with your higher self generates signpost reminders that you are a multidimensional person, with many levels of hopes, aspirations, & needs. This oasis is a much needed plug-in destination for grounding to our world within, so we can better function in the outer world. This time is much like tending to our beloved wireless devices that require connection to recharge & function as intended.

For me, early morning is my sanctuary & oasis. Coffee cup in hand, I step outside to greet the day, immersing in the awe of a sunrise, and to appreciate whatever is out there. The peace & insights arising during this special time generates abundant positive energy helping me be more at my best, especially as stress & challenges inevitably surface in the course of the day.

Indeed! The more hectic & stressful your life becomes, the more important it is to create a daily routine to immerse yourself in an oasis of solace and solitude. Think of it as an insurance policy – more a necessity than a luxury, protecting your well being from the day-to-day barrage of challenges & stress.

Priority Focused Mindset Benefits

I continue doing research on how we can better focus on what matters most to us in life. What surfaced is a parallel analogy to better aim our attention like the functions of a camera lens zooming in on the specifics we want to capture. Similarly, a priority focused mindset homes in from an angle to more selectively perceive, view & sustain attention on the important & what we really care about while cropping out the superfluous clutter.

If pays to heighten our awareness as to where we regularly aim our focus and energies.  Knowing what is important sharpens our focus on what matters most: the people who count, the goals that make a difference & the crucial things first!

Determining our priorities allows for better self-knowledge – which provides a clearer lens for putting first things first.   That Wisdom is succinctly stated by Von Goethe – that

Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.”

With small pivots, we can redirect what we pay attention to & aim our valuable resource of focus to shoot for the best & all that really matters.



Make End of Year Time Count

As this year winds down, most of us are experiencing either a sense of pride at the progress and success achieved or pangs of remorse or frustration for falling short from our set goals.  At this point you can decide to write off the year or choose to spend remaining time more productively.  I plan on pushing a bit harder each day for a stronger close by making the most of every remain moment, as well as laying the groundwork for 2019.

I like to approach year’s end by taking time to solidifying a better foundation for next year,  looking back to review and assess, all the good, the bad, and yes, even the ugly.  Next, focusing on the positives I want to replicate and do of, dedicating more time to focus on priorities specific to personal, professional & community contribution areas.  This is followed by looking at the ‘bad’ and the ‘ugly’, for the particulars that set Murphy’s Law into motion.  Putting the spotlight on where important components, projects or goals got derailed, can help in planning future improvements to anticipate ways to better mitigate, as well as avoid repeating those ineffective scenarios.  Determining cause that sabotages success, typically tend to point to lack of planning, preparation or follow through – or combination factors.   December is a perfect time to reflect on what worked well and what proved to be less than stellar, and to create more suitable strategies for implementing each future success goal.

Motivate yourself for invest some time to evaluate and apply insights from this year’s achievements as well as missed benchmarks.  The process involves some key questions to clarify areas for improving success this upcoming year.

How can you leverage end of year time to position for a stronger finish this year?

What key priorities would be foundational in making a marked difference in next year’s success – personally and professionally?

How do those priorities shape your vision for next year? Get as specific as possible.

How would a successful year support your longer term vision?

What lessons do you need to apply going forward?

What are the consequences if you continue with the status quo approach?

How would using a priority based framework create improvements in the year ahead?  What would that look like? Get as specific as possible – again.

It all comes down to clearly identifying top priorities to better allocate key resources of time, energy, and focus to support what is most important. Dedicate time now for assessing, planning and preparation will facilitate execution for fulfilling your vision in achieving top goals for success.

Now is the perfect time to review this year to better plan, prepare and strategize for the launch of 2019 as the best year yet!

“You can mark time or invest time making it count where it counts most.” dlb

Gauging Progress & Achievement For Success on Priority Goals

As we close out 2nd quarter marking the midway point of the year, make time for some high leverage activity by reviewing the vision & mission of your priority goals.   It’s an opportunity to engage & strengthen commitment to your priority goal pursuits.  And – to adjust  key objectives, initiatives and projects assure continued alignment driving the overarching vision and desired year-end results.

If you haven’t created clear benchmarks with a ‘scoreboard’ for key projects & initiatives, how will you assess & chart progress indicators for priority goal achievement? Metrics are the benchmarks of success to keep you and your team engaged to sustain motivation for taking current success to the next level . These metrics can be indicators for revenue growth, satisfaction level or any other designated priority factors.   They can also serve as tools to plan & prepare or circumvent potential issues, challenges & obstacles that may arise. When your trajectory is off, take pause to create adjustments.  When you’re on course, they reinforce what is working well to remain aligned with intended targets.

Reaching benchmarks creates traction to fuel an upward spiral of positive performance and momentum to goals for anchoring commitment to keep striving forward.

Four steps to keep you steadfast for reaching higher levels of success:

  1. Commit to no more than top three goals, in order of priority for each quarter. These are the goals that really matter & would make all the difference for you and your organization.
  2. Plan and schedule the metrics and benchmarks for key initiatives and objectives leading to achievement of each designated goal.
  3. Invest and dedicate resource of time, energy with unwavering focus as you work on each step of each initiative to completion.
  4. Make time to evaluate, assess, and adjust for effectiveness.


Anchor Priorities To Improve Focus & Productivity

Identifying and clearly knowing our priorities is of benefit on many levels. First, clear priorities lead to better self-knowledge forming the bedrock of a more satisfying life.  In addition, our priorities become a powerful guiding force serving as our internal compass. Priority focus reduces overwhelm by keeping us anchored to what matters most, and minimizes squandering valuable resources to the non-essential.

Formulating priorities supported with specific goals clarifies our bigger vision, and orients us in the right direction. When our focus is guided from deeply held values, it infuses our motivation, energy and effort with the conviction of our mission.   That mission is the heart of why we pursue what we want to create or achieve. With sustained focus homed-in on priorities our performance and productivity becomes more targeted for progressing on our success milestones. The countless daily decisions and choices become aimed to support rather than all allow the non-essential to subvert achievement on our identified priorities.

Priority focus will nevertheless be routinely challenged with the inevitable internal and external intrusion and distraction sources. With sustained focus, you will gain the benefit of actually boosting your wellbeing and brainpower, creating flexibility to more quickly shift back to what is important,  to accomplish more of what matters most.

Try these four effective tips to manage & mitigate the potential lure and timing of distractions:

  1. Set specific times to check incoming messages and e-mails. Turn off the tempting distraction of notifications (yes, including all social media).
  2. Identify your top three priorities to anchor the day’s workflow. Attach a starting and projected finish time.  Begin on the #1 key task until it is done, before tackling the next item or anything else.
  3. Keep a ‘to-do tracker/reminder’ using a notepad on your desk or an app on your PC, to jot down and release any distractions of thoughts, ideas, people or obligations non-related to what you’re working on, that pop up.  Writing them down keeps them from running around in your head, so you can maintain focus on the task at hand.
  4. Take breaks at regular intervals. Research studies have proven that standing up, stretching or walking around for a few minutes, rehydrating or having a healthy snack refreshes and improves productivity. Repeat every 60-90 minutes.

Developing any new habit requires consistency & perseverance. The more you incorporate & sustain priority focus, the easier it will become part of your routine, for more productivity and progress toward your highest priority goals.



A Shift In Focus For A World Of Difference

This time of year seems to trigger the crazy in most of us – for reasons we know all too well, along with the auto triggers – engaging our less than stellar reactions.

What IF we can just press pause to reframe what we’re doing, to rethink  all the “Need to, got to, absolutely must do… urgency” lists we carry on our phones, on paper and in our head. Ask yourself – are they really worth the stress you’re feeling – and the way you will show up, on edge and completely depleted?

What IF the goal is to reframe the countdown between holiday time and year-end, and to simply focus on being present, as you create timeless moments that really matter of bonding for positively memorable times throughout this holiday season? What if the goal is more about making memories you’d want to hold onto, and replay as a source of heartwarming joy and peace all year long? How about that for a soulful breeze to envelope and fill your memory bank with for year-round glad tidings of joy and peace!!

Doing anything else may create the perfect impression from the outside looking in,  but exacts a toll too high for you and those dear to you.

Wishing you a meaningfully warm, fun, and festive holiday season.

Productivity: Laser Focus VS. The Multitasking Myth

Ascent To SuccessThe foundation for achieving success is in aligning how you spend your time on the daily choices that either support or subvert your dedicated focus on your highest priorities. Research has shown that multitasking is not the best choice for progress on your desired goals.   Here are four productivity tips to help you overcome that distraction based fallacy of multitasking, so you can actually accomplish more, while boosting your brainpower and wellbeing with greater focus on those priorities.

  1. Set specific times to check incoming e-mail, and turn off the tempting distraction of notifications (yes, including all social media).
  2. Identify your 3 top priorities to anchor the day’s work flow. Include a starting and projected finish time.  Begin on the #1 key task until it is done, before tackling the next item or anything else.
  3. Keep a ‘to-do tracker/reminder’ in way of notepad on your desk or an app on your pc to jot down and release any distractions from non-related thoughts, ideas or obligations that pop up.  Writing them down keeps them from running around in your head, so you can maintain focus on the task at hand.
  4. Take breaks at regular intervals. Research studies have proven that getting up, stretching or walking around for a few minutes, rehydrating or having a healthy snack refreshes and improves productivity. Repeat every 60-90 minutes.

Like any new habit, the more you incorporate ways to sustain focus as part of your routine, the easier it will become, to be more productive, progressing toward your highest priority goals, with much less effort.

What’s Your Energy Spending Style?

IMG_8597We all operate on energy.  Awareness of how and where we invest or squander it can help us harness and direct it for better returns.  Our personal ‘energy pie’ is finite which means each interaction taxes and uses chunks of that pie. Developing awareness by consciously appropriating energy, time and focus, helps us invest rather than deplete those resources for a higher ROI.

How are you using your personal energy? Do you regularly invest it into what you want develop and grow in your life – or are you squandering that precious energy aimlessly on non-fulfilling, short-term, dead-end, inconsequential pursuits?

In choosing the later, you are operating out of fear. Fear will drive and keep you busy and safe. That’s its primary function. It will mislead and keep you so busy doing anything and everything other than taking the risks that help you grow by stepping out of your comfort zone. But that’s exactly what growth requires, not only to achieve your dreams and vision of a bigger, more self-actualized life, but to simply experience surges exhilaration and vitality, in pursuit of your goals for growth and success.

Investing your energy by way of time and focus, infuses purpose and meaning to life and compounds priceless returns in terms of success for confidence building, growth, satisfaction, netting quality of life experiences.

Remember, you build and grow whatever you put energy on!  So – where will you direct your energy and attention? What success will you navigate towards to manifest those big, important goals for your defined success in life?

Rebound Or Let Failure Stop You?


“Feet Don’t Fail Me Now…”

From Confucius, “Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall.” , to Nelly’s ‘GO’ lyrics, “…it’s not how you hit the ground, it’s how fast you get back up and go – keep going…”

Whether you’re a top leader, an upper-level manager, or just beginning your career, it’s important to realize that in the pursuit of big goals , no one is immune to setbacks and obstacles.  They will happen along the way and in varying magnitudes. That realization, in the midst of the agony can shine a light in what feels like a long tunnel of darkness. There is comfort knowing that others have gone through similar challenges to find a way beyond them – and to even turn barriers into unexpected breakthroughs.

We always have choice, to either remain down when we falter or as we shake off the dust of our missteps, look up to perhaps find the silver lining in a hidden opportunity. That resolve echoes from the ancient wisdom of Confucius, to the lyrics of R&B/Hip Hop singer, songwriter Nelly. Regardless of the failings, what matters after the fall is how fast you rebound to get back up, go, and keep going.


Your Siren Call: To Heed or Silence It?

Wake Behind the Boat“Within each of us are heights yet to be scaled, goals to be achieved – beyond our fears, beyond the status quo.” Didi L. Barbour

Why allow the Explorer & Seeker within to lure you into uncharted territories?  Because to venture beyond the routine, is to delight and flourish with new pleasures, discoveries, and experiences in new worlds that beckon! It’s been advised that on our deathbed, the top regrets will not be for failing while stretching our boundaries, the biggest laments will be for what we failed to attempt.

Where will Your Life Compass take you?  If you dare let it, it will lead to the discovery of your True North.

Personal Declaration Of Independence From What?

July 4th 030_FotorFreedom is an equal opportunity privilege afforded to all, to pursue dreams – of happiness, lifestyle, and success with options, and choices. It is truly is a sad day when we realize that the only person, thing or circumstance holding us back is our own limited self-concept based on the past instead of owning the personal power of our accomplishment of who we have evolved into!

‘Through loyalty to the past, our mind refuses to realize that tomorrow’s joy is possible – only if today makes way for it; that each wave owes the beauty of its line only to the withdrawal of the receding one.” André Gide

We all reach a point in time and life where we’ve earned our Stars and Stripes! Time to celebrate not only the national holiday with gratitude to all who have served and those currently serving our country, but, to acknowledge our own efforts, experiences and contributions to this one life we have.  Time to write, sign, and set off some fireworks declaring our personal Declaration of Independence – from whatever imposes limitation on who we are, to pursue who we want to be, to become everything we are capable of  being! Happy Declaration of Actualizing Our Potential! Happy Fourth of July!

The Critic Within Our Control

RelationshipsThe most damaging of pranks is the unquestioned relationship with the harshest of critics,  in the form of our inner judge, whose attacks are incessant, with confidence-depleting chatter, duping us into believing what it says.  The good new is that changing the dynamic of this abrasive relationship, for a more supportive one is within our control.

The first step is to simply acknowledge and express appreciation to that internal judge’s intention.   The intent is to keep us safe by maintaining the status quo, within a small world full of limitations.  

Step two is to declare change by ‘doing life differently’, effective immediately. Tune-out the deafening noise, and fearful interference.   Challenge each negative by intensifying the positives and benefits of the new way.   Clear thinking allows us to more aptly respond, as new opportunities for change and growth present themselves.

Finally, with practice, the volume of that inner critic, will keep sliding way down to an occasional whisper, rather than the constant, blaring companion it used to be.  Fine-tuning to a better-calibrated frequency, delivers a relationship upgrade, for increased confidence in the rich fullness of life along paths, roads, and highways yet taken.  Happy first of April and everyday, with a relationship upgrade!