Fanatic Friday Motivation


Getting fanatic about unfinished business on a Friday can be a major motivator for smooth sailing into the following week.  There’s huge satisfaction in completing and checking off tasks on the week’s unfinished business list.  It’s like clearing out some breathing room on the road to working on your goals and just a bigger allowance of time without the burden of added weight, perpetually awaiting your attention.

Here’s a simple three-step approach.  First, gather all that remains to be done on a list starting with the most challenging.  Next, itemize all you’ll need for taking care of the top, most dreaded item.  Then, get fierce about tackling it like an athlete going through a set of hurdles.  Everything else should be easier in comparison, putting you on a momentum roll.

With all those incompletions out of the way, you can relax into the weekend, knowing Monday will begin as a fresh new week without a stack of daunting leftovers!