Practice as a High Yield Investment

TR 015To become your personal and professional best, i.e., being the best you possible, at what you pursue, is the ultimate success!   For most people, it doesn’t happen magically.  It takes time and practice.

The presenting scientist at lecture I recently attended declared that research quantified that it takes 1000 hours to master a new skill.   That seems like a lot of hours. The distinction between focused time invested vs. time idly spent is huge.  That’s the value of hours dedicated to learning what you deem important.  The idea that practice time in learning a new language, meditating, or handling a ball, is an investment of confidence towards who you are becoming and what you want to accomplish, leads to a sense of fulfillment.

Practice, and learning from each ‘failure’ increases your odds for successful achievement.  We would never have professional jugglers if they gave up with the first few times  they dropped the baton, ball, or whatever they now specialize in juggling.  So before you give up on the idea of learning a new skill for personal or professional development, first determine how much time you are actually willing to bank towards working on whatever goals you elect to pursue, and do it with focus and consistency!

Time invested in pursuit of your goals, is the science of great return, as well the process of growth and success to become your best!