Calibrate Your Life Compass

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao-Tzu   Charting the course to your goals is more than just reaching the destination to your desired success.  When your key values are reflected in your goals, they serve as you intrinsic compass for navigating to what is important to you.   Those values become the directional set points of your life compass, as you grow & progress to your priority goals.   Values inspire and serve as signposts for deeper engagement & commitment to your priority goals,  guiding you with the meaningful purpose in achievement. Living your values in […]

Fueling On Change With Positive Energy

In life, there is one thing that is certain, change is a constant and something is always changing. With the official arrival of summer, we are reminded that seasonal changes and cycles are constant and inevitable. These cycles relate to the rotation of the earth; monthly cycles to the moon; annual cycles to the relative position of the sun and stars. In our own life, we may need to be reminded of our own personal changes and cycles in relation to our environment, relationships, and season in life. Our perception and response to change is often more important than the […]

Our Best Memories

Our best memories are not made on a cell phone, pc or tackling an endless to-do list. Our best memories are made in face to face moments. Doing what we enjoy, taking time to be with the people we enjoy. It’s about a deliberate pause to decide who and what brings you joy, then making the time to be there! Here’s to making memorable moments this weekend!

Show & Tell the Unwelcome Guest the Door?!

Politely of course,  à la Dr. Seuss! It is beyond mid-April, yet this Winter unrelentingly hangs around, and has long outworn its welcome!  A continuing, tenacious wintry scene, brings one of my favorite Dr. Seuss book title to mind:  Marvin K. Mooney, Will You PLEASE GO NOW!   “I don’t care how you go, JUST GO! NOW!” Poetic license declared and granted by inserting the chosen name of someone, or something that has imposed a presence way beyond comfort.   Keep repeating, as in this case, “Snowy F. Winter, I don’t care how you go, PLEASE JUST GO!! NOW!!!” Could it be […]

The Cruelest of Pranks?

The cruelest April Fool’s prank is the one our inner critic dupes up into believing.  To create a new relationship with self and life, simply thank it for attempting to help by keeping you small, and then dismiss it!  Repeat enough times to reduce the inner critic to an occasional annoyance rather than an overshadowing presence.  Then go step into the fullness of all that life has in store for you.  Happy first of April and everyday !

Practice as a High Yield Investment

To become your personal and professional best, i.e., being the best you possible, at what you pursue, is the ultimate success!   For most people, it doesn’t happen magically.  It takes time and practice. The presenting scientist at lecture I recently attended declared that research quantified that it takes 1000 hours to master a new skill.   That seems like a lot of hours. The distinction between focused time invested vs. time idly spent is huge.  That’s the value of hours dedicated to learning what you deem important.  The idea that practice time in learning a new language, meditating, or handling a […]

Fanatic Friday Motivation

  Getting fanatic about unfinished business on a Friday can be a major motivator for smooth sailing into the following week.  There’s huge satisfaction in completing and checking off tasks on the week’s unfinished business list.  It’s like clearing out some breathing room on the road to working on your goals and just a bigger allowance of time without the burden of added weight, perpetually awaiting your attention. Here’s a simple three-step approach.  First, gather all that remains to be done on a list starting with the most challenging.  Next, itemize all you’ll need for taking care of the top, […]

What is Finale Friday?

It’s your big push today for high productivity by leveraging your actions to achieve maximum results in record time.  First month of the year, last day of the month is an opportunity to position yourself for finishing big AND starting next month poised for takeoff. Whatever achievements you racked up so far, keeping the momentum going is pivotal since you’re setting the success foundation of your goal commitments, during the crucial first months of the year. Four steps to creating end of the month success Identify top 3 high ROI actions to take Line them up for tackling according to impact and […]

I Have A Dream…

“I have a dream…” MLK | A goal is a dream in progress, with set deadlines as targets to aim for,  to keep us moving forward. Goals are the gifts we give ourselves, giving power to the activities that transform us and our world.  Life Goals help us improve specific aspects about ourselves, or areas within our life. Achieving our goals helps us score internal points.  They are about following through in doing what we identified needs to be done, to attain what we desire. Effective goal setting keep us stretching and reaching towards the vision of what we want […]

New Year – Renewed Hope For New Beginnings

Regardless of what this past year has been like for us, it’s helpful to keep in mind that we all have our share of self-doubt, temporary setbacks and times when the obligations of everyday life can feel like a succession of detours and roadblocks to our desired success. Yet, we persist and persevere, slowing down but never giving up on our goals! Endings and beginnings require pause for reflection and appreciation. So as this year concludes and the new one beckons, how helpful would it be to focus and make note of all our gratitudes; whether they are for people, […]

How to Sustain Progress On Priority Goals

Four Steps for creating a strategic approach to keep you engaged, motivated, and maintain a focus for targeted action:   1. FOCUS: Narrow your focus on your BIG BURNING IMPORTANT GOALS of SUCCESS™   2. ACTION: Commit to taking 2-3 consistent actions on those top 2-3 KEY goals. 3. KEEP SCORE: Measure your progress against the deadline. 4. ASSESSMENT & ACCOUNTABILITY: on a regularly scheduled weekly basis: a. What did you do last week that worked moving you closer to the goals? b. What did you do that did not have much of an impact? c. What will you do […]

If ‘Goal’ Is The Sum, What Are The Parts?

Truism: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Questions: 1. If the vision of your goal can be translated into that formula, what would that look like? 2. Are you fully aware how each of the parts contribute to the whole? 3. How will this help you be more engaged, productive and persistent? Answer: A higher level perspective creates not only relevance but crystallizes how the dots connect, creating the ‘whole’!

Does Wanting More Make You Ungrateful?

Tis the season for naming and listing our thanks and gratitudes! THAT is very empowering, yet does not translate into resigning oneself to the status quo, nor being any less grateful for all the blessings that are ours.  It simply provides a springboard to what we want MORE of from this one precious life we have. SO go ahead and name, list, and yes, upgrade to what you really, truly desire more of – in addition to all that currently is! “I want more out of life than I’ve gotten.” Loretta Lynn How about you?

Advance Or Retreat?

The question whether to advance or to retreat infiltrates thoughts when the challenges, obstacles and roadblock overwhelm. Each option exacts a toll, but the rewards of persisting and progressing – however slow or at times non-apparent, becomes less about any outcome, and more about who you are! Physical workouts are not complete without resistance training for strength. Persistence turns circumstantial, emotional and cognitive challenges into a training ground to grow intrinsic muscles for personal power and strength on the journey to achievement. Give up on a major goal or deeply desired dream? NOT now, NOT today, NO WAY!

Do You Hear What I Fear?

To advance or retreat – that is the question! That voice in your head is cuing your emotional and cognitive energy on your vision, keeping your goals within sight to advance towards them, or sounding the bugle to retreat corralling you back to your comfort zone. Your thoughts have a direct impact on your emotions, sounding the bugle to either help you advance beyond any potential rejection, failure, or ill faced circumstances. OR they can drag you into the pitfall of retreat at the mere semblance of perceived rejection, failure or ill-fated outcome. When a thought or action empowers you, […]