Fueling On Change With Positive Energy


In life, there is one thing that is certain, change is a constant and something is always changing. With the official arrival of summer, we are reminded that seasonal changes and cycles are constant and inevitable. These cycles relate to the rotation of the earth; monthly cycles to the moon; annual cycles to the relative position of the sun and stars. In our own life, we may need to be reminded of our own personal changes and cycles in relation to our environment, relationships, and season in life. Our perception and response to change is often more important than the actual change itself.

While changes in nature revolve around energy cycles, our own energy cycles expand and contract based on our intentions and focus. Awareness opens doorways for choosing. High positive energy is accessed and maintained through a positively framing our perceptions to seek and find opportunity in most occurrences. Keep in mind that we don’t objectively see the world as it is, but through the overlays of all the experiences of who we are and what holds deep meaning for us, i.e. our core values. This becomes even more crucial when faced with major decisions and choices and to align them with those values for they mirror who you are and what you stand for. They serve as a ballast and rudder when navigating through stormy times.

Next time you’re tempted to home in on some negative aspects of change in a relationship, situation or project, try mentally and emotionally shifting your thoughts to a more positive state that better correlates with your core values. You’ll feel a natural energy change in cognitive, emotional and behavioral attitude improving your mind-set and amplifying your performance in whatever you’re doing. Do it often and regularly to create a powerfully positive change in your personal and professional life.

To your happiness and fulfillment in success!