Advance Or Retreat?


The question whether to advance or to retreat infiltrates thoughts when the challenges, obstacles and roadblock overwhelm. Each option exacts a toll, but the rewards of persisting and progressing – however slow or at times non-apparent, becomes less about any outcome, and more about who you are!

Physical workouts are not complete without resistance training for strength. Persistence turns circumstantial, emotional and cognitive challenges into a training ground to grow intrinsic muscles for personal power and strength on the journey to achievement.

Give up on a major goal or deeply desired dream? NOT now, NOT today, NO WAY!

Do You Hear What I Fear?

Man Running Reaching Finish Line

To advance or retreat – that is the question!

That voice in your head is cuing your emotional and cognitive energy on your vision, keeping your goals within sight to advance towards them, or sounding the bugle to retreat corralling you back to your comfort zone.

Your thoughts have a direct impact on your emotions, sounding the bugle to either help you advance beyond any potential rejection, failure, or ill faced circumstances. OR they can drag you into the pitfall of retreat at the mere semblance of perceived rejection, failure or ill-fated outcome.

When a thought or action empowers you, it amps your energy level. If it doesn’t, you’ll feel the drain, emotionally, cognitively and physically.

HOW and WHAT to do when the fear volume is on loud? Gauge your thoughts. Awareness of what is happening is a huge power tool to consciously redirect fear thoughts. Decide to ZAP those thoughts in their tracks. TAKE FIVE, a five seconds pause for a few deep breaths, to shift gears for tuning in to better, quality thoughts. It’s like placing your hand on the media button to find a more empowering track.

EASY-on ramp? Not initially, but equanimity is a state of mind worth crossing borders to reach – beyond the status quo of anxiety, stress, and retreat. The choice is to focus on the benefits of reaching intended goals and deciding to bypass distractions to transcend obstacles and limitations – real or imaginary. That’s the energizing power of successfully attaining what you challenged yourself to achieve!

Keep practicing, and carry on – progressing forward to your goals – to your success!

New Lands Await You

DSCF3152Can you imagine what worlds you can discover, what burning goals you can achieve when your deepest desires outweigh your biggest fears? A page worth contemplating from Chris’ playbook. Happy Columbus Day!

Time to soar beyond fear – Beyond the Status Quo for the Journey of Your Life™

“Desire creates the power.” Raymond Holliwell

Oh, Happy Days!

2010_0103(002)Seasons change, as does our thinking about our ‘what for’ reasons, along the timeline of this Journey of life. The happiness we seek is simply to embrace our uniqueness – however wonderful, quirky, weird or beyond the ‘norm’. By slowing down enough to consciously and deliberately live it all – weaving in the struggle and pain, along with the celebration of triumph and joy. Loving it all, from moment to moment, making this one precious life count, so you can proclaim, ” I LIVED”

Elementary Choice

“It’s complicated” has become a catch-all buzz phrase. Reality is that it’s a choice. In a world of super-sized complexities, simply dividing what appears overwhelming into smaller, manageable parts, reduces even the most complex.

The simplification process often leads to resolution of anything – thus, the adage, divide and conquer. It’s a skill worth mastering, a choice to embrace – one aspect at a time. Simple arithmetic in the warfare on the complex!

New Month – New Possibilities.

SunsetShining new month on a string of 31 beautiful days, full of options and opportunities!

Imagine the possibilities- to live, play and BE confident about your impending success. To be completely charged and motivated by your BIG compelling goals. To be driven by scoring meaningful WINS each day. To be intrinsically guided by YOUR Success LIFE COMPASS.

Have you set your goals for the month?

Are they tied to your Big Burning Important Goals?

Fast forward to day 31 – can you picture having achieved each of those goals?

How great will that feel, having a great plan unfold and making IT all happen?

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Fitness Helps Navigate Storms Of Stress

WavesA wellness lifestyle is dependent on your  fitness level four dimensions – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – laying the foundational to a more resilient and purposeful life!

How does this impact your personal and professional success? Fitness helps in developing greater capacity and reserves to draw from to keep performing at your best, especially during turbulent times.  It is the essential element for increasing resiliency – the ability to buffer and rebound from life’s daily stress.  When stress turns chronic, the gray days inevitably turn into stormy weather, turn to fitness as your best coping mechanism for managing your well-being and success on all fronts.

Fire It Up Friday

FireWeekly accountability in performance lights a fire to progress. Start with a review of the week and assess what worked & what didn’t happen.

Four key steps for measuring your performance to help move you closer to your top goals:
1. What did you commit to doing for each goal?
2. How was your follow-through on each of those commitments?
3. What did you accomplished?
4. What will you do differently next week for improved results?

Every step you can influence with your performance needs to be:
• Specific (Monday I will meet with….to request, review, change…)
• Measurable ( I will make 3 prospect calls each day)
• Targeted with deadline (A finish line in sight to create forward motion)

Let Freedom Ring

Freedom is an equal opportunity privilege to pursue dreams – of happiness, lifestyle, and success with options, and choices afforded all. It is truly is a sad day when we realize that the only person, thing or circumstance holding us back is our limited self!

We all reach a point in life where we’ve earned our Stars and Stripes! Time to celebrate not only the national holiday but, to write, sign, and set off some fireworks declaring our personal Declaration of Independence – from ANYTHING limiting who we are, to pursue who we want to be! Happy Fourth of July!

Finish Line Friday

TGIF – are you really thankful for all you’ve accomplished this week – or is it the sigh of relief that you just made it through?

The week is not over yet.

1. Take time out

2. Assess the actions to create a strong finish

3. Respond with a call to action & charge – full court press.

Let’s get IT done – score some real gratitude wins! To your success!

Value in Good Choices

“There is no value in life except what you choose to place upon it and no happiness in any place except what you bring to it yourself.” Henry David Thoreau

Step back to assess the choices that serve you well, and keep doing them. As for the others – whether possessions, behaviors, people or roles that drain, exact a heavy toll. Decide and plan to get rid of them. It is that simple! Choose differently, in way of better choices for yourself! We can’t always rewind, but we can certainly change our choices, delete, dispose & eliminate whatever is no longer serving our well-being.

What will you retain to amp the joy factor, and what needs getting rid of to send those internal clouds packing, making room for more happiness in your life?

Hello Gorgeous!

goodmorninggorgeousI fell in love with this poem over 20 years ago. It remains a long time favorite and a timely reminder with Valentine’s Day around the corner. No matter if you have a special someone in your life or not.

No need to dread the hearts n flowers, sugary sweet holiday,  if you use it to launch your own love campaign.  NO need to wait for anyone to tell you how abso-freakin-lutely, WONDER-full YOU ARE!

RUN – Don’t walk to have this talk with yourself!  Use this poem as a springboard for your own love letter to include whatever you want & need to hear.  Use it each morning & night to remind lovely, wonderful you, that’s there’s no one, and never will be anyone,quite like you!  xoxoxo

Time Somebody Told Me by Quantedius Hall (10 year old)

Time Somebody Told Me
That I am lovely, good and real
That I am beautiful inside
If they only knew
How that would make me feel.

Time Somebody Told Me
That my mind is quick, sharp 
and full of wit
That I should keep on trying
and never quit.

Time Somebody Told Me
How they loved and needed me
How my smile is filled with hope
and my spirit sets them free
How my eyes shine, full of light
How good they feel when they hug me tight.

Time Somebody Told Me

So, I had a talk with myself
Just me, nobody else
’cause it was time
Somebody Told Me.

Eliminate Mindless Diversions

As you start the week, take 5 min to ID & write down all the diversions that typically hijack your attention from what really matters, i.e. what will actually make a difference by the end of the day & week.

Now empower yourself with the bigger YES to choose differently – making it easier to say NO to those diversions. Visualize the bull’s-eye for target practice as each one pops up. BOOM – now you can focus on your priorities for the day! With awareness & consistency you’ll hit the mark for focusing on what matters most!

Give Us This Day…Daily Awareness

Make today positively memorable, creating it in awareness, realizing that it will be in the past files by tomorrow.  Will today’s creation be filled with the joy of achievement, haunted by regrets, or fade into the void of nothingness?  Each day is a representation of who you are, an addition for the compilation of your lifetime.   Each day, can be the start of a new chapter or the continuation of an old one.  Each day, you are lucky enough to have is an opportunity to consciously decide how you will spend it.  Having a success vision of what you want to create within that lifetime helps you not only align how you spend your time, but gives you the drive to target your energy and take action on what’s important to you – each day!

What will you focus on creating today?

Gratitude for Endings & New Beginnings

New Beginnings
New Beginnings
“At times our own light goes out and is rekindled by a spark from another person. Each of us has cause to think with deep gratitude of those who have lighted the flame within us.” Albert Schweitzer

Endings & beginnings create pause for reflection. As this year concludes & the new one beckons, let’s focus & declare our gratitude for all elements that have positively influenced us in some way; while charting a course to change the less stellar components in our life that require it!