The Critic Within Our Control

RelationshipsThe most damaging of pranks is the unquestioned relationship with the harshest of critics,  in the form of our inner judge, whose attacks are incessant, with confidence-depleting chatter, duping us into believing what it says.  The good new is that changing the dynamic of this abrasive relationship, for a more supportive one is within our control.

The first step is to simply acknowledge and express appreciation to that internal judge’s intention.   The intent is to keep us safe by maintaining the status quo, within a small world full of limitations.  

Step two is to declare change by ‘doing life differently’, effective immediately. Tune-out the deafening noise, and fearful interference.   Challenge each negative by intensifying the positives and benefits of the new way.   Clear thinking allows us to more aptly respond, as new opportunities for change and growth present themselves.

Finally, with practice, the volume of that inner critic, will keep sliding way down to an occasional whisper, rather than the constant, blaring companion it used to be.  Fine-tuning to a better-calibrated frequency, delivers a relationship upgrade, for increased confidence in the rich fullness of life along paths, roads, and highways yet taken.  Happy first of April and everyday, with a relationship upgrade!