Mighty Mindset: 3 Step Plan


“A priority focused mindset is the operational software of a powerful engine driving goal achievement with strategic actions, aligned & aimed at desired target results.” Didi L. Barbour

Haven’t planned for this day, this week, or month yet? It’s not too late – take 10 – better yet 20 minutes to think and schedule in a couple of game changing initiatives that will created impact in narrowing the gap between where you are, how you plan your work & where you want to take you life.  Yes, that would be in addition to the long ‘to-do’ list of the routine activities, you know the stuff that has to get done to maintain your work and life.  Beginning each day of each week knowing exactly what needs your attention most will deliver the best results.

Did you know that your mindset behaves like a target seeking operational system in need of objectives and direction? If you don’t give focused targets for it to aim at,  with clear priority goals for orientation, it will operate on the past setting or default to the stagnant status quo.

Planning for the week, the upcoming month or quarter shifts your mindset when provided with direction & focus.  It becomes more receptive as it perceives & seizes opportunities as they show up. Opportunities that may prove pivotal in achieving what matters. Opportunities that will go unrecognized without target goals and a plan for executing on the mind’s radar detection system.  Try this very simple plan to better orient you.

➢First, define what matters most to set your priority goals. Top two or three goals that would make a quality difference when you begin work on them this week, & when sustained, will compound over time.

➢Next, arm yourself with a plan to align your focus, time and energy,  placing priorities central in  your schedule.  Designate time blocks to work on specific action steps each day for progress towards those goals.  Making priorities central in our schedules, transforms our routines into more meaningful pursuits.

➢Finally, if you’re aware of your priorities, yet you keep placing them on the back-burner, take it as a sign to reach out for support to help you more effectively work to achieve them.

Simple planning for execution goes a long way in creating the set-points for what you do regularly short-term, to keep progressing toward big results,  long-term.

Take charge of what matters with a success calibrated compass.

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