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 Cathedral Point


GOALS | Success Keys in Design And Achievement 

        • Experience how to use effective, strategic goal setting to track progress and evaluate outcomes.
        • Identify and implement personal and professional keys beyond the routine to achieve major goals.
        • Develop internal and external engagement to accelerate progress.

Effective goal setting with measurable metrics becomes the springboard for consistent execution and achievement.



⫸Developing A Strong Sense Of Self :  Indicators For Success, Happiness and Fulfillment 

Benefits:  When you have a strong sense of self  you don’t look to others for approval, you can follow your own inner compass for guidance, knowing that you are living the full expression of the essential nature of who you are.  This makes you a powerful model and leader to guide others on that same path.

We each use different criteria for defining ourselves, sometimes a combination of relationships, career, geography interests, or talents.  Let’s unravel the puzzle of you and unleash the protagonist within. Develop a Strong Sense of Self by mastering skills and tools for revealing and maintaining profound and lasting change.  The foundational intrinsic circle begins with awareness, continuing on to meet your self-belief for increased life-affirming self-perception for increasing self-efficacy and self-competence.

      • Self-Knowledge
      • Self-Management
      • Self-Confidence
      • Self-Motivation
      • Self-Efficacy

RELATIONSHIPS & COMMUNICATION | Engage For Profound Impact And Influence 

The Language Of Success Skills – Conveyed in Oral, Written and Non-Verbal Forms

Integrate the essential keys for powerful communication to create a wide reaching impact and influence for success in all areas of in your life.

          • Dynamics of the 4Cs in being clear, concise, confident and credible
          • Master the internal dialogue and external projection

CALIBRATED TO SUCCEED | Internal Success Set Points For Happiness And Fulfillment 

Life with improved set-points leads to a more fulfilling life destination. It starts with revealing your inner calibration, to identify and address the saboteurs from the past – that’s anything that limits, deters or derails your capacity for success. Then we can transcend the tentacles from the past that can ensnare the future, by overshadowing and limiting the present. Transcending requires examining and re-calibrating the seven key domains that create lasting positive change:

          • Beliefs
          • Behaviors
          • Habits
          • Patterns
          • Structures
          • Mental scripts
          • Results

LIFESTYLE  | Success Pathways To Health, Fitness, And Wellness

        • Cornerstones for Work/Life Balance
        • Restructuring lifestyle patterns and habits
        • Improved Sense of Self and Identity


MILESTONES | From The Challenges Of Change To Transitions In New Horizons 

Transform Barriers into Breakthroughs

Planned or unexpected major life changes can be intimidating and overwhelming.  We help you integrate the tools and skills provided for negotiating life challenges, transforming the confusion and helplessness of dispiriting struggles into inspiring challenges.  Change is typically associated with uncertainty and turbulence brought on by these major events:

          • Career: Directions and Shifts
          • Relocation: The Good, the Bad and Everything in Between
          • Relationships: For Better or for Worse | Marriage | Parenthood | Retirement
          • Divorce: Before, During, and Beyond
          • Wellness: Positively Fit and Healthy Lifestyle