What is Finale Friday?


It’s your big push today for high productivity by leveraging your actions to achieve maximum results in record time.  First month of the year, last day of the month is an opportunity to position yourself for finishing big AND starting next month poised for takeoff.

Whatever achievements you racked up so far, keeping the momentum going is pivotal since you’re setting the success foundation of your goal commitments, during the crucial first months of the year.

Four steps to creating end of the month success

  1. Identify top 3 high ROI actions to take
  2. Line them up for tackling according to impact and results when completed
  3. Dedicate time with unwavering focus as you work on each step till DONE
  4. Repeat the process on next one and follow through to completion

Finishing one or two high impact actions is a success coup.   Whatever actions remain to be completed can then be scheduled for priority rank in the upcoming month.  Next, plan and schedule all additional initiatives and objectives as well.

Finally, plan to celebrate your efforts and progress.  To your Success!