A Shift In Focus For A World Of Difference

This time of year seems to trigger the crazy in most of us – for reasons we know all too well, along with the auto triggers – engaging our less than stellar reactions.

What IF we can just press pause to reframe what we’re doing, to rethink  all the “Need to, got to, absolutely must do… urgency” lists we carry on our phones, on paper and in our head. Ask yourself – are they really worth the stress you’re feeling – and the way you will show up, on edge and completely depleted?

What IF the goal is to reframe the countdown between holiday time and year-end, and to simply focus on being present, as you create timeless moments that really matter of bonding for positively memorable times throughout this holiday season? What if the goal is more about making memories you’d want to hold onto, and replay as a source of heartwarming joy and peace all year long? How about that for a soulful breeze to envelope and fill your memory bank with for year-round glad tidings of joy and peace!!

Doing anything else may create the perfect impression from the outside looking in,  but exacts a toll too high for you and those dear to you.

Wishing you a meaningfully warm, fun, and festive holiday season.