I Have A Dream…

YLC goals masterpiece 051“I have a dream…” MLK | A goal is a dream in progress, with set deadlines as targets to aim for,  to keep us moving forward.

Goals are the gifts we give ourselves, giving power to the activities that transform us and our world.  Life Goals help us improve specific aspects about ourselves, or areas within our life. Achieving our goals helps us score internal points.  They are about following through in doing what we identified needs to be done, to attain what we desire.

Effective goal setting keep us stretching and reaching towards the vision of what we want our life to be about. We each have a dream waiting to be fulfilled and when put into action that cherished dream can be the catalyst for the change we seek.  Investing our creative energy, passion, and tenacity into pursuing our dreams of authentic success creates a tsunami of positive change in our world and beyond.

What are you committed to achieving today, this month, this quarter, this year??

To your dream…to your success!