Feeling Stuck Or In A Rut

cropped-Your-Life-Compass-Coach_Bridge-0742.jpg“Ultimately, each person chooses whether he comes out of the tumbler crushed or polished.” Elizabeth Kübler-Ross

Success in life tends to correlate with choices and decisions, the ones we make, the ones we avoid, and the ones we are ignorant about. Indeed, life is full of them. Our personal and professional growth, success and quality of life depends on the level of confidence we have regarding how and what we habitually choose – especially when the inevitable challenges, obstacles or adversity materialize. Welcome to GOALS! The purpose of goal setting and goals is to propel us into growth, expanding our boundaries beyond the comfort zone of the status quo. The focus they provide get us out of the rut, keeps our attention on the plans and decisions we make, anchoring our commitments, in spite of the whirlwind of everything else that’s going on in life.

What goes into successfully designing and executing these goals is the catalyst for growth – growth into our personal power of confidence for growing our influence and impact.

This follows the process of transcending, by planning, anticipating, and responding differently to the obstacles, challenges and circumstances of change. Transcendence and growth from goal pursuit, is not a one-time event on a smooth sailing sea, but involves harnessing determination, persistence, and courage muscles into action towards achieving our goals.

The obstacles transcended, the growth and success pursued, and achieved is a by-product of the growth and development of who we become on the journey to achieving the goals we set. It’s in actualizing our potential through experience, going beyond the routine of the status quo, using all our skills, talents and the knowledge, AND stretching a bit more, beyond our best, to do our extreme best. That is success – that is growth.

“Success has always been easy to measure. It is the distance between one’s origins and one’s final achievement…” Michael Korda