Gauging Progress & Achievement For Success on Priority Goals

As we close out 2nd quarter marking the midway point of the year, make time for some high leverage activity by reviewing the vision & mission of your priority goals.   It’s an opportunity to engage & strengthen commitment to your priority goal pursuits.  And – to adjust  key objectives, initiatives and projects assure continued alignment driving the overarching vision and desired year-end results. If you haven’t created clear benchmarks with a ‘scoreboard’ for key projects & initiatives, how will you assess & chart progress indicators for priority goal achievement? Metrics are the benchmarks of success to keep you and your team […]

Anchor Priorities To Improve Focus & Productivity

Identifying and clearly knowing our priorities is of benefit on many levels. First, clear priorities lead to better self-knowledge forming the bedrock of a more satisfying life.  In addition, our priorities become a powerful guiding force serving as our internal compass. Priority focus reduces overwhelm by keeping us anchored to what matters most, and minimizes squandering valuable resources to the non-essential. Formulating priorities supported with specific goals clarifies our bigger vision, and orients us in the right direction. When our focus is guided from deeply held values, it infuses our motivation, energy and effort with the conviction of our mission.   […]

A Shift In Focus For A World Of Difference

This time of year seems to trigger the crazy in most of us – for reasons we know all too well, along with the auto triggers – engaging our less than stellar reactions. What IF we can just press pause to reframe what we’re doing, to rethink  all the “Need to, got to, absolutely must do… urgency” lists we carry on our phones, on paper and in our head. Ask yourself – are they really worth the stress you’re feeling – and the way you will show up, on edge and completely depleted? What IF the goal is to reframe […]

Productivity: Why Laser Focus VS. The Multitasking Myth

The foundation for achieving success is in aligning how you spend your time on the daily choices that either support or subvert your dedicated focus on your highest priorities. Research has shown that multitasking is not the best choice for progress on your desired goals.   Here are four productivity tips to help you overcome that distraction based fallacy of multitasking, so you can actually accomplish more, while boosting your brainpower and wellbeing with greater focus on those priorities. Set specific times to check incoming e-mail, and turn off the tempting distraction of notifications (yes, including all social media). Identify your […]

Blow Off End of Year Time Or Make It Count?

2017 is winding down as we hit the December mid-way point. Most of us are experiencing either a sense of pride at the progress and success achieved or pangs of remorse for falling short from our set goals.  At this point you can decide to write off the year or choose to use it more productively.  I plan on pushing a bit harder each day for a stronger close by making the most of every remain moment, as well as laying the groundwork for 2018. I like to approach year’s end by taking time to solidifying a better foundation for […]

What’s Your Energy Spending Style?

We all operate on energy.  Awareness of how and where we invest or squander it can help us harness and direct it for better returns.  Our personal ‘energy pie’ is finite which means each interaction taxes and uses chunks of that pie. Developing awareness by consciously appropriating energy, time and focus, helps us invest rather than deplete those resources for a higher ROI. How are you using your personal energy? Do you regularly invest it into what you want develop and grow in your life – or are you squandering that precious energy aimlessly on non-fulfilling, short-term, dead-end, inconsequential pursuits? […]

The Critic Within Our Control

The most damaging of pranks is the unquestioned relationship with the harshest of critics,  in the form of our inner judge, whose attacks are incessant, with confidence-depleting chatter, duping us into believing what it says.  The good new is that changing the dynamic of this abrasive relationship, for a more supportive one is within our control. The first step is to simply acknowledge and express appreciation to that internal judge’s intention.   The intent is to keep us safe by maintaining the status quo, within a small world full of limitations.   Step two is to declare change by ‘doing life […]

Do Your Goals Reflect Your Song?

“If only the best songbirds sang, the forest would be a very quiet place.” I don’t recall who proclaimed this, but it is so true! In nature birds just do their ‘thing’ and sing. They don’t wait to master the right notes, for the perfect circumstances, nor do they worry about how they will be perceived or judged. So go ahead – follow the pointers from mother nature, pursue your the goals that make your heart sing. It’s your song, give IT voice and wings. Can you feel your spirit soar?  

Where Will Your Life Compass Take  You? 

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Lao-Tzu Charting the course to your goals is more than just reaching the destination to your desired success.   Progress and growth need to align with your core values, because values inspire and serve as signposts for what is important to you, driving you on with the meaningful purpose in achievement. Choose wisely the goals you pursue, as they end up orienting you to the person you become! Calibrate your success for stretching into and actualizing your greatest potential!      

Fueling On Change With Positive Energy

In life, there is one thing that is certain, change is a constant and something is always changing. With the official arrival of summer, we are reminded that seasonal changes and cycles are constant and inevitable. These cycles relate to the rotation of the earth; monthly cycles to the moon; annual cycles to the relative position of the sun and stars. In our own life, we may need to be reminded of our own personal changes and cycles in relation to our environment, relationships, and season in life. Our perception and response to change is often more important than the […]

Our Best Memories

Our best memories are not made on a cell phone, pc or tackling an endless to-do list. Our best memories are made in face to face moments. Doing what we enjoy, taking time to be with the people we enjoy. It’s about a deliberate pause to decide who and what brings you joy, then making the time to be there! Here’s to making memorable moments this weekend!

The First Step Is Always The Hardest

“You are successful the moment you start moving towards a worthwhile goal.” Charles Carlson Spring, the season of growth is a perfect opportunity to start the trajectory towards goals that are profoundly important to you, goals that will significantly improve quality of life.  The beginning is always the hardest.  A rocket ship launching takes tremendous effort and energy.  Yet, that first step, the taking of action, however small, will create its own momentum, to scale down any fear as it surface! What goal do you deem ‘worthwhile’ enough to be willing to fight the first of many battles to achieve […]

Show & Tell the Unwelcome Guest the Door?!

Politely of course,  à la Dr. Seuss! It is beyond mid-April, yet this Winter unrelentingly hangs around, and has long outworn its welcome!  A continuing, tenacious wintry scene, brings one of my favorite Dr. Seuss book title to mind:  Marvin K. Mooney, Will You PLEASE GO NOW!   “I don’t care how you go, JUST GO! NOW!” Poetic license declared and granted by inserting the chosen name of someone, or something that has imposed a presence way beyond comfort.   Keep repeating, as in this case, “Snowy F. Winter, I don’t care how you go, PLEASE JUST GO!! NOW!!!” Could it be […]

The Cruelest of Pranks?

The cruelest April Fool’s prank is the one our inner critic dupes up into believing.  To create a new relationship with self and life, simply thank it for attempting to help by keeping you small, and then dismiss it!  Repeat enough times to reduce the inner critic to an occasional annoyance rather than an overshadowing presence.  Then go step into the fullness of all that life has in store for you.  Happy first of April and everyday !

Practice as a High Yield Investment

To become your personal and professional best, i.e., being the best you possible, at what you pursue, is the ultimate success!   For most people, it doesn’t happen magically.  It takes time and practice. The presenting scientist at lecture I recently attended declared that research quantified that it takes 1000 hours to master a new skill.   That seems like a lot of hours. The distinction between focused time invested vs. time idly spent is huge.  That’s the value of hours dedicated to learning what you deem important.  The idea that practice time in learning a new language, meditating, or handling a […]