I Have A Dream…

“I have a dream…” MLK | A goal is a dream in progress, with set deadlines as targets to aim for,  to keep us moving forward. Goals are the gifts we give ourselves, giving power to the activities that transform us and our world.  Life Goals help us improve specific aspects about ourselves, or areas within our life. Achieving our goals helps us score internal points.  They are about following through in doing what we identified needs to be done, to attain what we desire. Effective goal setting keep us stretching and reaching towards the vision of what we want […]

New Year – Renewed Hope For New Beginnings

Regardless of what this past year has been like for us, it’s helpful to keep in mind that we all have our share of self-doubt, temporary setbacks and times when the obligations of everyday life can feel like a succession of detours and roadblocks to our desired success. Yet, we persist and persevere, slowing down but never giving up on our goals! Endings and beginnings require pause for reflection and appreciation. So as this year concludes and the new one beckons, how helpful would it be to focus and make note of all our gratitudes; whether they are for people, […]

How to Sustain Progress On Priority Goals

Four Steps for creating a strategic approach to keep you engaged, motivated, and maintain a focus for targeted action:   1. FOCUS: Narrow your focus on your BIG BURNING IMPORTANT GOALS of SUCCESS™   2. ACTION: Commit to taking 2-3 consistent actions on those top 2-3 KEY goals. 3. KEEP SCORE: Measure your progress against the deadline. 4. ASSESSMENT & ACCOUNTABILITY: on a regularly scheduled weekly basis: a. What did you do last week that worked moving you closer to the goals? b. What did you do that did not have much of an impact? c. What will you do […]

If ‘Goal’ Is The Sum, What Are The Parts?

Truism: The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Questions: 1. If the vision of your goal can be translated into that formula, what would that look like? 2. Are you fully aware how each of the parts contribute to the whole? 3. How will this help you be more engaged, productive and persistent? Answer: A higher level perspective creates not only relevance but crystallizes how the dots connect, creating the ‘whole’!

Does Wanting More Make You Ungrateful?

Tis the season for naming and listing our thanks and gratitudes! THAT is very empowering, yet does not translate into resigning oneself to the status quo, nor being any less grateful for all the blessings that are ours.  It simply provides a springboard to what we want MORE of from this one precious life we have. SO go ahead and name, list, and yes, upgrade to what you really, truly desire more of – in addition to all that currently is! “I want more out of life than I’ve gotten.” Loretta Lynn How about you?

Advance Or Retreat?

The question whether to advance or to retreat infiltrates thoughts when the challenges, obstacles and roadblock overwhelm. Each option exacts a toll, but the rewards of persisting and progressing – however slow or at times non-apparent, becomes less about any outcome, and more about who you are! Physical workouts are not complete without resistance training for strength. Persistence turns circumstantial, emotional and cognitive challenges into a training ground to grow intrinsic muscles for personal power and strength on the journey to achievement. Give up on a major goal or deeply desired dream? NOT now, NOT today, NO WAY!

Do You Hear What I Fear?

To advance or retreat – that is the question! That voice in your head is cuing your emotional and cognitive energy on your vision, keeping your goals within sight to advance towards them, or sounding the bugle to retreat corralling you back to your comfort zone. Your thoughts have a direct impact on your emotions, sounding the bugle to either help you advance beyond any potential rejection, failure, or ill faced circumstances. OR they can drag you into the pitfall of retreat at the mere semblance of perceived rejection, failure or ill-fated outcome. When a thought or action empowers you, […]

New Lands Await You

Can you imagine what worlds you can discover, what burning goals you can achieve when your deepest desires outweigh your biggest fears? A page worth contemplating from Chris’ playbook. Happy Columbus Day! Time to soar beyond fear – Beyond the Status Quo for the Journey of Your Life™ “Desire creates the power.” Raymond Holliwell

Oh, Happy Days!

Seasons change, as does our thinking about our ‘what for’ reasons, along the timeline of this Journey of life. The happiness we seek is simply to embrace our uniqueness – however wonderful, quirky, weird or beyond the ‘norm’. By slowing down enough to consciously and deliberately live it all – weaving in the struggle and pain, along with the celebration of triumph and joy. Loving it all, from moment to moment, making this one precious life count, so you can proclaim, ” I LIVED”

Elementary Choice

“It’s complicated” has become a catch-all buzz phrase. Reality is that it’s a choice. In a world of super-sized complexities, simply dividing what appears overwhelming into smaller, manageable parts, reduces even the most complex. The simplification process often leads to resolution of anything – thus, the adage, divide and conquer. It’s a skill worth mastering, a choice to embrace – one aspect at a time. Simple arithmetic in the warfare on the complex!

New Month – New Possibilities.

Shining new month on a string of 31 beautiful days, full of options and opportunities! Imagine the possibilities- to live, play and BE confident about your impending success. To be completely charged and motivated by your BIG compelling goals. To be driven by scoring meaningful WINS each day. To be intrinsically guided by YOUR Success LIFE COMPASS. Have you set your goals for the month? Are they tied to your Big Burning Important Goals? Fast forward to day 31 – can you picture having achieved each of those goals? How great will that feel, having a great plan unfold and […]

Fitness Helps Navigate Storms Of Stress

A wellness lifestyle is dependent on your  fitness level four dimensions – physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual – laying the foundational to a more resilient and purposeful life! How does this impact your personal and professional success? Fitness helps in developing greater capacity and reserves to draw from to keep performing at your best, especially during turbulent times.  It is the essential element for increasing resiliency – the ability to buffer and rebound from life’s daily stress.  When stress turns chronic, the gray days inevitably turn into stormy weather, turn to fitness as your best coping mechanism for managing your […]

Fire It Up Friday

Weekly accountability in performance lights a fire to progress. Start with a review of the week and assess what worked & what didn’t happen. Four key steps for measuring your performance to help move you closer to your top goals: 1. What did you commit to doing for each goal? 2. How was your follow-through on each of those commitments? 3. What did you accomplished? 4. What will you do differently next week for improved results? Every step you can influence with your performance needs to be: • Specific (Monday I will meet with….to request, review, change…) • Measurable ( […]

Let Freedom Ring

Freedom is an equal opportunity privilege to pursue dreams – of happiness, lifestyle, and success with options, and choices afforded all. It is truly is a sad day when we realize that the only person, thing or circumstance holding us back is our limited self! We all reach a point in life where we’ve earned our Stars and Stripes! Time to celebrate not only the national holiday but, to write, sign, and set off some fireworks declaring our personal Declaration of Independence – from ANYTHING limiting who we are, to pursue who we want to be! Happy Fourth of July!

Finish Line Friday

TGIF – are you really thankful for all you’ve accomplished this week – or is it the sigh of relief that you just made it through? The week is not over yet. 1. Take time out 2. Assess the actions to create a strong finish 3. Respond with a call to action & charge – full court press. Let’s get IT done – score some real gratitude wins! To your success!