Perspective: Success, Failure, OR Opportunity?

Today’s setback, roadblock, or failure CAN become tomorrow’s success. “I have NOT failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that don’t work. [yet]” Thomas Edison Frame the start of each morning as an opportunity to create change, to grow & improve something in your life. Take that opportunity & decide.  What will your priority focus be today? So you think you’re not ready?  Then decide WHEN you will be? We can’t reclaim days that are gone.  But we can choose what we can & will make of today!

Priorities: A Solid Foundation For What Matters

“Things that matter most must never be at the mercy of things that matter least.” Johann Goethe When you identify & determine your priorities you stand on a rock solid foundation.  That foundation gives power to your decisions & better follow through to sustain your attention & focus on those identified priorities to achieve the success goals that matter most to you.  That’s a priority focused mindset!   Is your focus aimed on your priorities or are they taking a back seat to all the miscellaneous competing alternatives?

August Launch Into A Smooth Week

Awesome August to all this 1st Friday of the month! Today is a great day to put in place a strategy to make this a stellar month. Start out by deciding on a few things you can do today to prep & launch into a smooth next week?   Some ideas to consider: 1. Review your top initiatives for the month. 2. Identify priorities & sequence of steps supporting those initiatives. 3. Schedule them into your calendar as no miss appointments to work on them.   What can you add to  your success routine for setting a productivity flow. #GoalsForSuccess […]